Welcome to my blog!

This is where I rant about the dramas that I watch, most of them Korean, though they do extend to Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas occasionally.

I post two different types of reviews. The more common are recap reviews, in which I review it as I recount what happened in the episode(s). Be forewarned: There are spoilers. If you don’t want the plot to be ruined for you, then DON’T READ THEM. Because I WILL spoil the plot for any who read my reviews.

The second type are series expectations and reviews. These will simply be me discussing what I expect from the drama(s), and what I got from them as a whole. While there will be spoilers, they won’t be nearly as bad as the recaps reviews. You can read these to determine whether or not you’d want to watch a drama.

All in all, that is my blog. I honestly don’t care if no one reads it, ‘cuz this is just me blogging my kdrama obsession. I need an outlet, and here it is!

For those who wonder where I watch my dramas, I generally watch them on Dramafever or Dramacrazy. I also read and follow the recaps and reviews done by Dramabeans. I suggest you check them out! They’ve got good stuff. =D


I’m moving things around a bit, to make things more organized. I will also be adding other content on here beside kdramas in the future.