King 2 Hearts [Ep. 10]

T_T Things pretty much go downhill from here on out. Prepare yourselves.

So, Hang-ah goes back to North Korea, leaving me stunned that she actually left, and he let her. The idiots, the both of them are. *facepalm*

I guess this episode we concentrated more on Jae-ha and the memory of Hyung, which is completely fine by me.

Both Mom and Jae-shin are sad, almost upset, about Hang-ah leaving back for the North, and Mom confronts Jae-ha. When she finds out it’s all ‘cuz Hang-ah called him trash (for the most part), she’s incredulous. She even throws a rag at him. Heh. She tells him, yes, he is trash. He’s gotta learn to get over that, become better than trash.

She proceeds to tell him about his father, how they didn’t exactly get along when they were married, even using each others’ weaknesses to  hurt the other person as much as possible.

But one line you didn’t cross is “Let’s break up.” There’s no going back from that.

And that’s exactly what happened with Hang-ah. Crap. We’re in deep, huh? *sigh*

Jae-ha finally sees all of the trial, where he sees how Hang-ah had stood up for him. Cue regret. She pretty much confessed her love for him over national TV, yet he was one of the last to hear it. Her words are: “My identity? You’re asking who I really am? I’m just a woman who kept a man deep in her heart.” As a human being, I sympathize with her completely. As a woman, I condemn Jae-ha. Boy, you’d better get on your knees and freakin’ ask for forgiveness!

Of course, at the same time, Hang’ah’s crossing the border. Once she’s over, out of sight, she collapses in her father’s arms and cries. It’s heartbreaking. She had no one to lean onto until now, and now that there’s no one but Dad to see, she lets down all her defenses. I feel emotionally raw inside.

Now that Hang-ah’s gone, all he can do is figure out who exactly Club M, and what they had to do with Hyung’s death. He spends his days trying to guess Hyung’s password. When he finally does, he scoffs at the nerdiness of the password (chanting “Repub-lic of Kor-ea!” like in a football- errrr, soccer- game, complete with the clapping. Hee!), but I can’t help but think that that’s just who Hyung was, and why I loved him so much.

So he finally gets an almost-confirmation that Club M is responsible for Hyung’s death, and immediately meets up with Bong-gu. Of course, the bastard is thrilled, realizing this means he might actually have an opponent, finally. So his ire that Jae-ha pretends he doesn’t know really makes me happy. I don’t care about the guy; he killed Hyung. He can die a million painful, slow deaths, and I’ll be happy.

But his reaction is what shocks me- and Jae-ha.

Bong-gu: “I took care of Anmyundo myself.” Oh dayum. The air turns to ice. He leans forward, “Your hyung… I said, I’ll take care of him, you son of a b*tch.” Jae-ha freezes. “Did you like it? Were you exhilarated when I fell for your provocation?” Jae-ha’s eyes widen in terror. He says he fell for it knowingly, why? “Because the puppet king of a tiny country is no match for someone as great as me.” Eeep! He says that sure, the WOC, the North-South marriage scheme, they were annoyances, but that’s not the reason he killed Jae-kang. He proceeds to explain very calmly that he killed Jae-kang because he dared to ban his entry into the country. Whoa. “You know he went without knowing anything, right? Like a fool.”

Okay. That’s it. I’ll kill him myself. Don’t try to stop me!

But Jae-ha’s reaction is even better. You can tell he’s pissed and feeling downright murderous, but instead he… he LAUGHS. “Are you high?” HA! Bong-gu’s reaction is PRICELESS.

But as soon as he’s alone, he grabs a phone and screams at Shi-kyung to arrest the guy, kill the guy, hurt him very badly, ANYTHING. Just don’t let him get away unharmed. They’re too late, ‘cuz Bong-gu’s being dragged by his own men into a helicopter, screaming at the top of his lungs that they’re all dead. Hooooooly crap. That’s one way to kick a hornet’s nest.

Now, Secretary Eun heard the whole encounter, but refuses to be a witness to Bong-gu’s “confession”. To save his own back, I’m thinking. Remember, he took a bribe from them in exchange for the king’s vacationing spot. He goes on to say that he never thought the North’South marriage was a good idea, and pretty much tells Jae-ha he’s not fit to be king. Ouch. You’re not being very supportive, now are you?

Shi-kyung overheard this last bit, and it’s sad to see how his view of his father crumbles. Dad shoots him down when he asks if Club M killed the king. Dude, do you want to drive your son away from you?

But this is where I fully fall in love with Shi-kyung: he stands up for Jae-ha, taking his side. Awwwww! When he later finds Jae-ha in front of Jae-kang’s picture, Ski-kyung tells him with conviction, “You don’t need to be swayed by the words of others. Believe in yourself. You are already strong. The king that I’ve seen is very sensitive, and hates sincerity. But he knows the real world only too well, and has deep scars, which keeps him from leaping out ahead. So he wears a mask of laughter. I’m asking you to take off that mask now. Though you have complexes and people perceive you as weak, your highness is, to me, the most powerful king in the world. Please be fearless, your majesty.”


Yay! Shi-kyung to the rescue! I was hoping for some good bromance. I love that Jae-ha is the one to ask him to be friends. SQUEE! They were always meant to be best buddies! This is my favorite part of the episode. Series. EVAR. >.<

We go back to Hang-ah, in North Korea, to see what she’s up to. Seems Dad’s been trying to hook her up with other guys, since the engagement with the then-crown prince didn’t work out. She just babbles about cramps. Ooch, I feel for you, Hang-ah. Menstrual cramps can be MURDEROUS. But she also mentions she’s late… Uh oh… That doesn’t sound good… Whenever they mention something like this specifically, it can’t be anything good.

She ends up in the hospital ‘cuz it’s so bad. Yeah. That’s how bad they are. So, the doctor comes out to tell Hang-ah’s father that they tried, but they’re sorry, they couldn’t save the baby. His jaw drops, “Baby?” Oof. She lost it before she even knew?

The worst part? Yet again, the world finds out before Jae-ha does. And he finds out through the worse possible place: the news. And there it is, breaking international news: Hang-ah’s miscarriage, and King Lee Jae-ha’s irresponsibility as the father.

CRAAAAAAP. This is gonna be bad. VEEEEEERY bad. But I feel so bad for Hang-ah. She found out she was pregnant the day she lost the baby. And the fact that they’re apart when they find out? Oof.

We’re in one hell of a mess now, and I see no way out. Let’s hope the show is better at finding outs than I am.

I mean, yeah, they needed to get the couple back together, and pregnancy is a viable solution… but miscarriage? That’s unexpected. Someone, please give me a hug, I need it.


King 2 Hearts [Ep. 9]

Head, meet desk. *headdesk*

Reeling in shock here. Kinda hard not to, what with the twist we got at the end of episode 10. But before I get to the end of 10, I must start at the beginning of 9. *sigh*

We get to know our bad guy, Bong-gu, a little bit more. I can already tell he’s got a bit of an ego. He wants the world to know (or at least, Jae-ha) that he’s bad news. He kinda creeps me out, in a way.

He’s just… I dunno. He scares me. For Jae-ha, at first he doesn’t realize exactly how bad the guy is (and Hyung-nim is turning in his grave), and contrary to what Bong-gu expects, doesn’t remember him at all from when they were kids. Which really pisses him off. And makes me laugh.Jae-ha didn’t mean to get that reaction out of him, but his character in general is what made it happen.

Jae-ha: 1; Bong-gi: 0

Bong-gu leaves thinking Jae-ha’s an idiot. That makes me happy, just ‘cuz that means he’ll underestimate him. But thing is, the guy’s as right as he is wrong. Jae-ha’s both and idiot and not, as backwards as that sounds.

Anyways, on to pleasanter subjects. Mainly, Jae-shin and Shi-kyung. Now, I love these two when they’re together. In an earlier episode we saw the beginnings of a crush on Shi-kyung’s part. I wanna see that develop more. We get awkward moments between the two, which are GOLDEN. I love these two. ❤

But then we go BACK to the baddies. *sigh* This episode will be about them mostly, huh?

So, remember that secretary guy? His name’s Secretary Eun. And I’m still bitter about his selling out the king to the baddies. It’s pretty much his fault for flapping his jaw about where the king was vacationing. And to makes things worse, he didn’t realize it until LATER. Is the guy an idiot?! That just makes me madder.

Turns out the baddies planted false evidence at the vacation home where the Hyung and his wife died, incriminating the North Koreans. Ruh roh… Not good for Hang-ah at ALL. When the new leaks, chaos ensues.

This whole situation is the beginning of a huge thing for Jae-ha and Hang-ah.It culminates with a trial that Hang-ah is pretty much coerced into going. She does really well, but the pressure she’s under is unbelievable, and any normal person would die from it.

And through it all, Secretary Eun does nothing to try and help her. Jae-ha tries as much as he can, but he’s helpless to help her. But the secretary. Boy, do I have a bones or ten to pick with him. It’s like he purposely tries to drive a wedge between the two. This leads to misunderstandings on  both ends at some point.

I love how both Mom and Jae-shin are now firmly on her side, and support her fully. Mom even tells her, “I think it’s possible that North Korea is responsible for what happened. Because they don’t like us. But… I won’t abandon you.” Awwwwwww. I love Mom! Jae-ha is also a huge support on her side, telling her “I trust you. I trust you as much as I’d want to kill you with my own hands, if there was a one-in-ten-million shot that you’re involved.” He trusts her even if she is actually a cold-blooded killer. Damn.

His way to help her is to find who the real killer is. Eventually he realizes that Club M, a.k.a. Bong-gu and the baddies, aren’t all they seem, and looks into them. To do this, he tries to crack the password to Hyung’s diary.

So, it turns out North Korea has proof that they aren’t responsible, but their pride won’t let them admit it to the public, because it would prove they lied about come technology they boasted about. Dammit.

Hang-ah goes to the trial because Secretary Eun lies to her and says that Jae-ha wanted to “be sure of her true heart.” Now he’s playing with their feelings? Okay, he’s on my blacklist now. If he dies, I’ll be HAPPY.

The trial goes… well, like a trial. She does well, though when she comes back and goes to see Jae-ha, she’s crestfallen to learn he’s not there, which meant he didn’t watch the trial. Well, he did… partially. In the middle he left to go kick some butt for her. But the secretary of COURSE doesn’t mention that. When he comes back, secretary interferes yet again when he tries to go see her. *gnashes teeth* DAMMIT, JUST GO SEE HER! This misunderstanding is KILLING me.

The next day he goes to her room with breakfast, but she gives him the cold shoulder. His reaction practically confirms what she’d been told about him not seeing her trial, which really hurts her. So she goes on the offense by calling him trash, which I think is one word Jae-ha can’t stand. He told her this because she trusted him. His one weak spot. That hardens him up. So when she asks him “Do you like me or not?” His response isn’t exactly… nice.

Jae-ha: “I like you.” But then he steps closer and adds, “You’re easy and a pushover, since you’re from the North. Trash? I told you that in trust. Because I trusted you, I showed you my weakness. But you’re… playing with that? A North Korean bitch, to the king of South Korea? Go back. Right now. To the North.” Then he turns and leaves.

Oh. Crap. No no no no no no no!!!! How the hell is this gonna be fixed?!

Dammit! The two love each other, but they don’t realize it because SOMEONE *glares at secretary* keeps lying to them! It breaks my heart that they don’t know, especially Hang-ah. Jae-ha’s taking huge leaps to support her, but she has no chance to realize this. T_T

How the HELL is this gonna be fixed?!

Love Rain [Ep. 6-8]

I knew it. I knew the kiss wouldn’t happen. Nope. Assistant guy arrives just in time to stop it, making for quite an uncomfortable drive back to the hotel. Hee!

Over the course of the next three episodes, nothing really happens to improve their relationship.

Joon insults Ha-na (again) Really, boy, you gotta stop doing that! They separate on fairly vicious terms, Ha-na vowing never to speak to him again. Oh, you just sealed the deal right there, girl. They both head back to Korea, and it’s a while later (one month? a couple months? I dunno…) that fate demands they meet again. This time, Ha-na’s the one to seek him out. You remember those photos Joon took of her at the Diamond Snow? Well, he’d told Assistant guy (his name is Jo-soon) to delete them, so of course he didn’t. Joon’s employer (I guess) gets ahold of it and uses one of the pictures in an advertisement, which Ha-na sees. I imagine she was quite pissed. Heh.

This is also how we meet Dong-wook’s son (played by the same actor, of course), Sun-ho. Uh oh… Is this our second lead? T_T He makes a better impression on her than Joon did (it’s not hard to do), and I’m seeing the first signs of his attraction to her. *sigh*

We find out that Ha-na has a crush on her senpai, Tae-sung, but I think it’s safe to assume he’s taken (or so we can guess) so it’s unrequited. Poor girl. It’s worse that it gets driven home and she’s made fully aware that he’s not available (she apparently didn’t know… which is weird) and gets further humiliated when the guy overhears her overhearing some co-workers talking among themselves about how she likes him. Yikes. That’s hard for a girl to handle. And embarrassing.

So, Ha-na has bees looking for a place to stay in Seoul for a while now, with no luck. At some point Tae-sung helps, but after that little scuffle mentioned above, she’s on her own. At some point Joon also goes house-hunting with her, with little success. The last to help her out is Sun-ho, and the place he offers would be ideal for our drama: right above the cafe that houses Joon’s studio. Well, that and that Joon’s staying there right now, too. She declines that offer, mainly because she assumes Joon wouldn’t be happy she moved there (au contraire… he would like nothing better).

So, remember those kids from the 70’s? Well, we get to see them again, in their adult forms. Turns out In-ha did, indeed, marry Hye-jung, Joon being the result, but it ended fairly quickly. At present day, they’ve been divorced for 10 years. Hye-jung wants to get back together, but In-ha can’t, mainly ‘cuz he’s (STILL) not over Yoon-hee. That’s a looooong crush. It seems he thought she died when she went to America to treat her tuberculosis, which would explain why he married Hye-jung instead of waiting for her. But we know she didn’t die; Ha-na’s proof of that.

It’s only by accident that the two meet again. In-ha randomly sees her on the street, and runs after her. It’s really touching to see their reunion, but at the same time, bittersweet. They’ve already built lives around them, and to try and bring each other back into their lives makes things complicated. It would also put a wrench into our plan to get Joon and Ha-na together. It’d be awkward to have step-siblings dating each other, after all (if the parents decided to get married). So while I really wish that they could be together, I know they can’t, ‘cuz I want their kids to be together.

I think I might have gotten a bit attached to their 70’s versions… I still can’t seem to replace the young actors with the older actors. I guess I need to get to know them more, which I have plenty of time to do. I kinda wish they could have stayed kids forever (or maybe it’s just ‘cuz Jang Geun-suk was there). But then again, I don’t. I really was starting to detest that mushroom hairstyle JGS was sporting. I know it was the 70’s, which is why I forgive the drama, but it’s not a hairstyle I want to see on him. *sigh* Conflicting emotions. They suck.

To return back to their kids, Joon asks Ha-na to be his model, his excuse being that his employer liked her, and wanted more of her. Eh. But what makes me happy is that he admits to her that he’s confused over his feelings for her. Oh, and it gets better. By the end of episode 8, he pretty much admits he likes her (though he doesn’t seem particularly happy about it), while telling her to take that room Sun-ho offered. His words are “I think I like you” and they leave her speechless. You and me both, girl. Yay for taking the initiative and being bold! So much better than his dad (errrr… him… errrr… same actor… ARG! This is so confusing!) did way back when. Had his dad taken initiative like him, he would have got the girl. But then we wouldn’t have a story, now would we?

Anyways. I’m enjoying myself immensely. Part of it is ‘cuz I get to see JGS’s face every episode, which makes me happy. We’re less than halfway in, and confessions are already being made! Things are looking good. I’d hate to drag it out.

I’ve been postponing writing this review, hence why I smooshed three episodes into this post, with no pictures. I guess I’ll give you one. In-ha and Yoon-hee when they were young, and when they are older.

Moon That Embraces The Sun [Ep. 20 Final]


I hate death. I hate it hate it hate it. Why did everyone besides the hero and heroine have to die (give or take)?!

Thing is, when you only have one episode to wrap up a drama like this, shortcuts are taken. As they were here. Gah!

The last thing we saw was Hwon and Yang-myung at each other’s throats with swords. I swear, I’m screaming at the screen, at Yang-myung not to be an idiot.

Thankfully, my request (errrr… demand) was granted.

Turns out Hwon orchestrated the whole thing beforehand. THANK GOD!!! I’ve never been so relieved in my life. Instead, they turn on the rebels and pretty much beat them down.

Daddy Yun is the last one standing, before he’s cut down, too. Sheesh. Kill everyone, why don’t you? That sure is an easy way to tie up those loose ends.

Speaking of loose ends and the Yun family… Bo-kyung’s pretty much screwed either way, and she knows it. So instead of going through the humiliation of being ousted, she commits suicide, choosing to die as the queen than as a deposed monarch. …Shortcuts, drama, shortcuts.

But the most aggravating thing of this whole drama? How they tied up the loose end called Yang-myung.

Dammit Show, are you trying to suck me dry of all my tears?!

So, turns out one of the rebels is still (barely) alive. We see him- everyone sees him- pick up his spear and aim it at Yang-myung. AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING. Yang-myung just stand there, deciding that the best thing he can do is die. Just give up. More precisely, “Please forgive my foolish choice. The heavens can only contain one sun. Now I will be the cause of no more chaos.” Damn that moon/sun parallel for forcing the issue. He just gives the dude a clear shot, and DROPS HIS SWORD.

I’m also disappointed in Hwon. He just STOOD THERE as his hyungnim stood there. You could have done SOMETHING. Like, I dunno, RUN TO HIM AND PUSH HIS FREAKIN’ BEHIND OUT OF THE WAY. Or, even better, SHOOT THE DAMN GUY! He had a bow and arrow! He could have done something, ANYTHING! But he didn’t He just stood there for dramatic effect, gazing into his hyungnim’s eyes in horror as it dawned on him what Yang-myung planned to do. Idiot.

The spear goes clean through his abdomen.


His last words: “Once, I resented you for having everything. And so, I even desired your throne. But my friends and you, my brother, were too precious to me, to take that place from you. Be a strong ruler, and protect this nation’s people alongside her. I will watch over you from that place.” His last memory is of young Yeon-woo. Then he dies.


He… he… he died… They actually killed him. They actually killed Yang-myung. They freaking killed Yang-myung, who absolutely didn’t need to.

This is where I couldn’t read the subtitles ‘cuz the tears were blurring my vision. This is also the first time I cried out loud, and LOUDLY, at that. Usually when I cry over a drama, it’s quieter. Not this time. I was whimper, shivering, curled up in a fetal position, rocking myself, and telling myself over and over again that it wasn’t true. He hadn’t died. They really didn’t kill him. No. Absolutely not.

The show said otherwise. And I hate it for that.

Everyone mourns. And I mean EVERYONE. Hwon screams in grief, pain, sadness, frustration, and pretty much every sad emotion known to man, and I screamed along with him.

I don’t know if I can finish… Let me take a bit to recover…


*a few hours later*

Okay. I’m feeling better now. I can do this!

We get to see some sweet scenes where Yeon-woo finally meets her mother and brother after eight years. I cried out of happiness.

She also meets Min-hwa, who’s drowning in her guilt. Baby or no, she’s going to be punished. *sigh* The mistakes of youth… She gets demoted to government slave status (after she’s given birth), to atone for her sins. Yeom, as her husband, is forcibly divorced and demoted to his status before he was married. Though a punishment, this is effectively the best thing that could happen to Yeom, because it means that he’s been given back his wings; he can get a government position now.

Nok-young does the memorial rites for the dead, and gives herself up as the offering this time. And she dies. She DIES. Just like that. Huh? Wait. HUH? Show, you’re starting to toes your way across the line here… It’s especially sad because it leaves Jan-shil all alone. First Seol died and left her, and now Nok-young died and left her. Wol is now Yeon-woo and too hard to meet. She’s pretty much all alone. Just for this fact, I’m upset that Nok-young dies. Arg!

Finally, Yeon-woo and Hwon are married, and she becomes the official queen.

We skip to a few years later, and we see her son and Yeom’s son, as well as the two siblings. Yeom’s now a government official. Yay! I love have familial the whole scene is.

Even Woon is like part of the family, the way the prince acts towards him. So! Cute!

Of course, Yeom’s son, Eui, has no mother to take care of him, since we know Min-hwa’s been demoted. Seems that her brother finally pardoned her (after much pleading on Yeon-woo’s part, I think). We see her gazing from a distance at the two, too ashamed to approach them. But Yeom instead approaches her, and forgives her, knowing that Eui needs a mother, and that his happiness requires her. Family hug!

Now this part… Is effing hilarious.

Yeon-woo’s birthday is coming up, and Hwon’s been preparing a surprise for her.

Prepare yourself…

That’s right. He’s learning gayageum. HA! XD And he’s not ver good. Hyung-sung’s face says it all.

Of course, Hyung-sung gives it a try, and voila, he’s actually pretty good. Hwon, being the kid he is, pouts and tells him, “Face the wall.” Heh. Oh, teenage-Hwon, how I’ve missed you.

So he performs for her on her birthday, but a string breaks, causing worry on her end. …Until the she hears the gayageum still playing. Omo. Did you force Hyung-sung to play? XD He gets chastened by Yeon-woo, and he looks like a schoolboy caught red-handed. Heh.

And sure enough, when we pull back, there’s Hyung-sung, playing his heart out, obviously not realizing that they’ve been caught.

XD Oh, I love Hyung-sung.

The end.


While the finale was very well wrapped up, they were lazy an took so many shortcuts. I mean, they pretty much killed all the bad guys, and everyone who would (willingly or not) be an obstacle in the future. Minister Yun… The queen… Nok-young… Yang-myung… And some of those weren’t necessary. Nok-young’s death wasn’t necessary. Yang-myung’s wasn’t. Hell, going back to the previous episode, Seol death sure as hell wasn’t necessary. Yet they were killed off without a second thought. Laaaaaazy, Show, laaaaaazy. It was good in that it tied up all the lose ends, but the way they did it… *sigh*

I loved the drama. It was good. And if the ratings had anything to say, everyone else did too. It closed with a rating of 42.2%, all all-time high for the show. I think it was well-received. =D

In memory of Yang-myung:

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox [Series expectations]

CUTE! That is the best word to describe this show. I was giggling all throughout this first episode. It’s a romantic comedy, so if it didn’t make me laugh, I’d be honestly worried about it. So we’re safe.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to watch this. The poster for it didn’t look all that appealing (see below), and the story seemed meh to me. I just randomly was looking through a blog I follow, Dramabeans, and ‘cuz I was bored I was just milling through some of their recaps, and so I read the recap for the first episode. It looked cute enough, and I was bored, so I watched it. Plus, it had Lee Seung Ki in it. I haven’t seen him in any shows besides King 2 Hearts, so I was curious to see how he acted in a different role. Needless to say, it’s fun, though I see a lot of similarities between Lee Jae-ha and Cha Dae-woong. Hmmmmm… Not much versatility, is there?

Anyways. The first episode was cute, and I think I’ll stick with it for now. I mean, episodes that start and end with a cute little animations MUST be good! Though, I must say… Those tails look a tad bit odd… Or maybe it’s the tails coupled with the dress that just doesn’t work…

It’s an interesting take on the whole gumiho legend. There are different ways of explaining it, but I think this link explains it the best.

I’m not expecting it to be an overly serious show, but that’s fine by me; we all need some laughter in our lives. And it’s been a while since I’ve seen a comedy. Teehee, I’m looking forward to it!

Though, I’m pro’lly not going to review every episode. I’ll just watch the whole thing through and review the series as a whole. Unless something happens that makes me so hyped that I absolutely have to rant about it. But I’m not expecting it. Not with this romcom.

Moon That Embraces The Sun [Ep. 18 & 19]

Nonononononononono! It’s not supposed to go like this! No! Everything’s gone wrong! This isn’t right! Someone please slap me, pinch me, wake me up from this nightmare! I refuse to believe it’s true!

With all the cute we got in episode 17, we were bound to get ten times the pain in the following episodes. The little cute we got in the beginning was soon forgotten as the whole story came to light, people died, and people turned to the dark side. One guess as to who that last one is. But I’ll get to that soon enough.

Hwon finally figures out that Princess Min-hwa played a huge part in Yeon-woo’d death ritual. The pain he goes through realizing just how bad the situation is, it’s heartbreaking. It’s gotta be painful for Min-hwa too, but I lost all love for her when she said that she’d do it over again. How could she?! And then she drops another bomb: she’s pregnant with Yeom’s child. Oof. That makes things a whole lot harder.

But I am happy to say, Hwon’s not gonna let it slide like his father did, even if it means condemning family. He pretty much banishes grandma, and it’s beyond satisfying to see her scream herself unconscious, literally.

Sooooooooo satisfying! I’m practically dancing right now.

Bo-kyung has started to realize that she’s in a dangerous position right now. Hwon’s not gonna protect her now that he has Wol– errr, Yeon-woo (I’ll be calling her Yeon-woo from now on), and she knows Daddy enough to know that he’ll get rid of her if she’s useless. And she’s pretty useless right now… She’s screwed. Which makes her dangerous. More on that later.

THEN. THEN we come to Yang-myung. Hold on a minute. Let me take a minute to get my bearings. It’s not true, dammit, it’s not!

With Hwon openly defying the Council of Evil, they’re now looking for other options. Safety options, that is. First on the list: get rid of him. But to do that, they need to put someone else on the throne. And how convenient that we have a brother who’s just a bit unhappy with the current situation. *groan*

For a while I was thinking, ‘There’s no way he’d be so stupid to go to the dark side.’ I mean, Yang-myung’s smart! He’s not a dolt, like some jealous men tend to be. …Right?

He’s approached by some folks talking treason, and shuts them up and send them away. Then comes Minister Yun. Damn that old man, I hate him. For while, I’m almost positive that Yang-myung with withstand the temptation, because he has up until now. It’s why we’ve loved him so much (besides the fact that he’s JUNG IL WOO); he’s got a rational head! Right?

And then he says, “What I want are a place for my ancestral rites at Jongmyo Shrine, and Heo Yeon-woo. Just those two things.”

No. No no no. Absolutely not. You are not going to the dark side. I won’t let you, dammit! There are millions of explanations! I mean, you could just be saying that to those folks, and then you’ll backstab them and save the day and Hwon and everyone and… and… and everyone will love you!

But as episode 19 starts, any hope we had for Yang-myung starts to dwindle. *sigh*

Bo-kyung is always gonna be a wild card. When she realizes that her father are pretty much gonna put both her and Hwon in danger, she rushes over to warn him. But, of course the lovebirds are out on a walk out in the open where EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM, and she gets to see them together. Which promptly changes her mind, and on the flip side, go berserk and set a shaman on Yeon-woo. That’s right. She’s going insane, I swear. Having a dad like that, I don’t wonder.

But that’s foiled by Nok-young, who warns Yeon-woo upon visiting her. Phew! Safe! And she also scares Bo-kyung into hysterics (again! Hee!) by calling her out for all of her sins. I am beyond satisfied.

So… remember Min-hwa’s whole role in Yeon-woo’s “death”? Well, she never told Yeom. I mean, how could she? She pretty much killed his sister so she could have him. Well, he was bound to find out eventually, but I really wish she’d told him. Instead, he learns it secondhand. And the fallout is horrible. My heart breaks for him, for Min-hwa (though I swore I wouldn’t care about her anymore), and for all of us. It’s a terrible way to find out.

Then we get to the saddest part of the episode (at least, the one where I cried the most). Seems that his knowing now makes him dangerous, and therefore he must be “taken care of.” Cue assassins.

Who’s there to defend him? Why, Seol, of course!

Yeeeeessssss! Some badass is gonna happen.

One side note that made me indignant, the first thing he said upon her arriving to aid him was, “But you’re a girl!” and I said, “She’s got the sword, not you! So shut the hell up and let the girl do her job.”

But she’s, well, a GIRL, and these are trained assassins. I commend her for taking down two of the four or five assassins she did before going down herself. But… *sob* Nooooooo!

Woon charges in to save the day, but it’s too late for Seol. It’s so sad because she had ties to so many people, but she died in the arms of the one she loved, Yeom. And she never would have told him that if she hadn’t been dying. *sob*

Hold on. I need to get more tissue.

Her death hits everyone hard, from Nok-young and Jansil,eon-woo and Hwon. Hwon is quick to realize that his grandma is next. And sure enough, she’s dead.

God, that’s so satisfying. Finally, a huge thorn in our side, gone. That’s something to relieve the pain of Seol’s death.

Back to Yang-myung. The dolt is actually a dolt. Unbelievable. Really, Show? You’re going to do this to us, NOW? At the END?!

Yes, he’s gone to the dark side. *sigh* They set the date for the insurrection, and that day comes around fairly quickly.  I guess Hwon knew something like this was coming, because he sends Yeon-woo to safety, and even Hyung-sung starts to say his farewells. *tear*

Sure enough, as soon as they step out, chaos ensues. They’re surrounded, and then…

All hope is lost for Yang-myung.

NO! Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap! THIS ISN’T HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO GO!!!

Yang-myung words to Hwon are: “I have come to inform you: The sun lives in the sky. But the sky has banished the sun. Fate has shifted and you have reached the end of your providence.”

High treason. He actually went there. Dammit. Dammit dammit DAMMIT!

There’s only one episode left to go, and I’m honestly scared as to how it’s going to end. I refused to watch the last episode right after these two, because I needed to digest what happened in these two, and prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the chaos that will be the final episode.

My last question: How the HELL is this gonna be resolved?!

The Moon That Embraces The Sun [Ep. 17]


This episode was full of cute.

But on the flip side, it’s also full of angst.


So, pretty much by now everyone knows that Yeon-woo is alive, and that Wol is Yeon-woo. The bad guys included. Yang-myung gets his heat broken over and over and over and over and over again. *sigh*

So, Hwon finds Wol at the sick village, where she finally confirms to him that she is indeed Yeon-woo. It wouldn’t be a kdrama if we didn’t have our second lead watching from the distance, the truth he’s been trying to deny coming crashing down around him.

Puppyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! You making me cry!!!!!!!!! T_T

Of course, the bad guys send assassins to get Wol, but Woon, Hwon’s bodyguard, is there to defend them, along with Hwon and Yang-myung, who gets injured in the process and takes Wol away to the safety of his mother’s temple. ‘Course he doesn’t tell Hwon where he’s taking her.

Yang-myung’s mom recognizes her instantly. Seriously. The moms are getting it immediately. First Yeon-woo’s mom, now Yang-myung’s. I mean, yeah, Hwon and Yang-myung recognized her, but they accepted that she was someone else. But the moms, they knew instantly. Instinct, I guess?

It’s so sad how she rejects him. He pretended not to know she was Yeon-woo, “because I didn’t want to know. If I could, I wanted to pretend till the end. You, coming back from the dead—at times it made me so happy I couldn’t stand it. But then on the other side, I knew that the moment I acknowledged it, everything would float away like a mirage.”


Then… “When I was Wol, and when I was Heo Yeon-woo, I was always grateful. And… always sorry. But I can’t give you the answer you seek.” You can see the last bit of him die.

Especially when he says “In your last life, you stayed by my brother’s side. In this life, can you not stay by my side?” Oof.

That’s when Hwon comes and interrupts, and Woon takes Wol away.

REALLY? REALLY GIRL? YOU’RE JUST GONNA LEAVE THE BROTHERS ALONE? Dude, this is gonna be bad news. Pleasepleaseplease Yang-myung, don’t turn bad because of this. PLEASE!

Next thing we know, they’ve both got swords in their hands and they’re dueling. Over a girl. Dammit. DAMMIT! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!

Yang-myung wins, as usual, and Hwon challenges him to kill him. If he does, he becomes king, and gets the girl. But he doesn’t. I sense that it’s not because of brotherly love anymore.

Why? You guys are killing me. Why are you acting like this?! You were so damn close when you were young! Now THIS?! Over a GIRL?! *sigh*

Then we get cuteness.

=D She’s so pretty! =O

And Hyung-sung! Oh, Hyung-sung! I could hug him a thousand times over, I love him so much. He’s so happy for the couple!

How can you not love him?!

So much cute happens in such a short time that it’s hard to process. We’ve been so attuned to the drama and angst, that this sudden fit of absolute adorable-ness is too much to handle.

She’s hiding in a secret room behind his room (smart, hiding her under the enemy’s very nose), and spends her whole day reading. Hwon is, naturally, distracted from his royal duties. So we get this:

DAAAAAAAAW!!!!!! I dunno what’s cuter, her surprise, or the fact that he just continues on as if it never happened. Too! Much! Cute! >.<

But grandma of course has to make everything complicated, and that favor he owes her is coming back to bite us in the behind. *sigh* I knew it. How to deal with this…

And also, that one other hindrance: the queen. She’s pretty much in hysterics, deathly afraid by now. She completely and totally believes that Yeon-woo has come back to haunt her and take her rightful place. Well, at least she knows that she stole the crown. Her hysterics are well-founded, because Yeon-woo is back in the palace. I sure do enjoy watching her squirm. But a cornered animal is a dangerous animal, and likewise, a cornered queen is a dangerous queen. No good can come of it.

And then Hwon takes Wol outside in the palace. DUDE. You’re HIDING HER. Don’t parade her in front of the whole palace! You’re just asking for trouble! But we’re lucky, ‘cuz no one sees her. They’re so undeniably in love with each other, and it’s so beautiful to watch. She is his true queen, his true moon, and he is her sun. The symbolism does get old, but I think it’s still a really nice comparison.

This episode was full of cute, so I’m really scared about what’s to come. So much cuteness comes with a price. Something bad is going to happen; I just know it. And I’m really not looking forward to it. DX

But, until then, let the cuteness reign free!