Love Rain [Ep. 20 Final]


Where we last left our heroes, In-ha found Yoon-hee in their old haunt, the university. They sit on the same bench In-ha painted Yoon-hee on all those years ago. He asks her, if she loses her eyesight, will she let him be her eyes?

A while later (again, I have no idea how much time passes) the four of them all have a picnic lunch at Ha-na’s. There’s an adorable scene where Joon gives Yoon-hee a bouquet of baby’s breath, her favorite flower, and Ha-na’s all, like, “Where’s mine?” Joon says he doesn’t know what her favorite flowers are, and plus, he normally doesn’t give flowers to girls. She’s all, like, “I bet.” Ha! XD Then he produces a small bouquet of random flowers from the garden at the cafe and gives it to her. Sweet!

Remember a couple episodes before, In-ha asked Joon to one day take pictures of the two? Well, he’s fulfilling that request right now.

Yoon-hee announces that she’s going to the States to visit her uncle before the surgery, which she’s postponing.

Later on that day, after In-ha has left, she overhears Ha-na and Joon talking about his leaving for New York. Seems he’s leaving soon. Well, since he’s going to the States, and so is Ha-na and her mom, can’t they meet up for something? ‘Course, they might be going somewhere far from New York… But it’s easier to go from state to state than country to country, right? I sure they could work something out! But the thought never crosses either of their minds. *sigh*

Next thing we know, Yoon-hee left for the States BY HERSELF. She left Ha-na only a note saying she was leaving, and was going to try and have the surgery done there. I’m actually quite relieved about that. I trust American medical technology more than Korean technology, to be honest. But that was kinda mean, not telling anyone. She did that before, way back when, in not telling In-ha that she was going to the States to treat her tuberculosis. In fact, she didn’t even TELL him about her TB at that time. Sheesh.

Later on, Joon goes and visits Dad in his studio. Joon gives him the pictures he took at the picnic, and In-ha gives him a painting. Ooh I can guess what goodies are on that canvas… I wanna see!!! But first… We get a confession from Joon.

Joon: “I’ve always hated you. Also… I’ve loved you, and I’ve missed you a lot.” AWWWWW! In-ha! Give the boy a hug! GIVE HIM A HUG, YOU IDIOT!!! But no, instead he holds out his hand for a handshake. Whaaaaaaa-? Come on!

But I guess that is enough for Joon, because we get to see an expression that he’s never had around his father before. And I guess it would be too presumptuous for a hug, since they’re only now starting to bond. Can’t hurry things, can we?

Joon takes the wrapped painting home to open it, and I’m literally stunned by what we see. It’s a painting of Joon and Ha-na, the night In-ha found out about their relationship. It’s such a beautiful painting! Complete with the expressions! My gawd, I’m dying. This is just plain sweet! In-ha! I love you! This also happens to be when they broke up, so it holds special meaning.

Doesn’t it look so lifelike?! Especially Joon…

Joon brings it over to Ha-na’s, where he tells her he’s decided not to go to New York, since she’ll be alone, since her mom left without her.

We fast forward a year, to find Ha-na coming back from the States. She’s more than a little displeased that Joon isn’t there to pick her up. Seems something happened between the two of them, because Joon’s not keen on picking her up, either.

Ha-na goes to Joon’s house, where Mom opens up. I’m all cringing inside, afraid of the confrontation that’s to come, when Hye-jung is CIVILIZED to Ha-na. *blinks* Huh? Waitwaitwait. O___O Drama, I’m loving you more and more by the second. Seems Hye-jung finally accepted that she wasn’t gonna split the two, and though she’s not all cushy with Ha-na like she was with Mi-ho, she treats her a whole lot better than before, even showing a bit of concern over Ha-na taking the bus all the way from the airport, and showing relief at the news that Yoon-hee’s surgery was a success.

When Joon comes, the bickering begins. Joon wants to eat out, but Ha-na insists on eating in. Hye-jung immediately catches on that they’ve had a fight. Lunch is strained, until Hye-jung finally asks, “What did you do wrong?” XD Heh, I’m liking Hye-jung more and more. Turns out that Ha-na stayed in America for 2 months, when she originally planned to stay only two weeks. Who wouldn’t be angry? Hye-jung scoffs and tells them to deal with it, calling them childish. I couldn’t agree more.

Back at the cafe, Ha-na arrives, grumbling over the fact that Joon had said he never wanted to break up again, but it’s already the fourth time, which Joon corrects, saying it’s the fifth time, after the one in the painting. Then he tells her to give him her excuses. XD Oh Joon, you’re such a child. After bickering like children for a bit, Joon adorably says that he missed her, which relaxes the atmosphere, and they’re back to being lovey-dovey. Kiss time!

Next day at the studio, we find out that Mi-ho is going to Paris, which is a surprise to everyone, since she didn’t tell anyone. I guess she’s given up on Joon by now, but she lets out some tears during the shoot. I think this is teh first time I’ve ever felt anything besides annoyance for Mi-ho. Because an unrequited crush is a hard thing to get over. I know; I went through a few myself. So this is the one thing I can sympathize with when it comes to Mi-ho. I’m glad that she’s matured in the last year. He tells her she was the best model, something she was always asking before, which I think is really sweet of him.

At some point Hye-jung calls the Kids over, saying she’s feeling sick. I find it funny how Ha-na rushes in, asking how Mom is feeling, whereas Joon just strolls in, not really caring at all. Mom notes this too, more than a little disgruntled. But what she says next has them both, and me, shocked. She asks if Ha-na’s still living in his studio, and that neighbors are asking if they’re living together. Ha-na says she’ll move out, but Hye-jung just tells them to get married instead.

Whaaaa- MOM is telling them to get married? Mom, who was vehemently opposed to them being together just a year ago? Hallelujah, it’s a miracle! Now they HAVE to get married! The person most opposed to them is telling them to! And I also wanna see them in all white… XP

Joon spends the next few days brooding. I hope he deciding how he’s gonna propose! Ha-na, meanwhile, meets Tae-sung. Apparently a friend is getting married. I think it’s the same guy from the first few episodes that they were with in Japan. Which is really funny. He’s getting married before either of them, which makes Tae-sung ruefully say he thought that they’d get married first.

A few nights later, Ha-na is woken up by a text from Joon, telling her to come down to the garden. Ooh, is this what I think it is? She comes down to find candles everywhere. Yesyesyes!!! She sits down with Joon on a bench and they watch a slideshow of pictures, mostly of her. He does commentary to it, saying things like, “Back then, I think I was already in love” and “The was a sad day for me, too.”

Finally, he says, “I want to see you change. I want to see us change. I want to watch together. What about you? Will you marry me?”

NYAAAAAWWWW!!!!! How sweet is that?! Ha-na nods, and they hug.

Later on, when Ha-na asks why he wanted to get married, when he’d said before that he’d never get married, he says that when she goes to America and he wants to visit her, it would be a flimsy excuse to say he missed his girlfriend and wanted to go see her, but it would be completely fine if he said he missed his wife and wanted to go see her. XD Heh. It’s all about the image, eh?

We fast forward to the wedding day, and we see Ha-na running to the cafe to… water the flowers. In her wedding dress. XD “Sorry honey, but the flowers are more important than us being on time to our own wedding.” Oh, Ha-na, you and your flowers.

They are just simply adorable! >.<

May I be the first to say that that hairstyle really doesn’t suit Geun-suk? He sports it often, but I really don’t like it all that much… Eh.

Well, I’m satisfied with the ending. It left me with a good feeling. And I can’t stop smiling! Dammit, they’re so cute!

And I’ll never get over this painting. It’s so well done, and has so much meaning! Compare with the actual image. Amazing…


Love Rain [Ep. 19]

Well, things are slowly coming together, loose ends are being tied, and we are being prepared for the finale.

So, it’s the big moment. Everyone has found out about Yoon-hee’s impending blindness. There were two things that worried me about it being found out by In-ha and Ha-na. First, In-ha wouldn’t be able to bear being away from Yoon-hee if he knew, and there would be a danger that they would get back together, ruining it for the kids. Second, Ha-na would be angry at Joon for keeping it a secret from her, causing dissension in their relationship.

Lucky for me, neither happened.

Later that night, Ha-na’s in the greenhouse, crying her eyes out, while talking to Joon on the phone. Suddenly he appears behind her and when she asks what he’s doing there, he says, “I thought that you might need me.” Awwwwww! Joon, you’re so sweet! He goes and gives her a hug, and she says that, yes, she needs him. If she’s feeling this bad, she wonders how much worse her mom must feel, which makes her so worried. Joon just keeps on holding her and tells her it’s okay, everything will be alright. I love how honest they are with each other now. And that they can lean on each other in times of hardship, such as this. I want a relationship like that!

We cut to Yoon-hee, who is reading something that looks like Korean Braille. It’s not the normal Braille, with dots and such, but instead raised Korean characters. It took me a second to realize that the reason she’s not using Braille is because Braille is used for the Roman alphabet, the one that English, French, German, etc. use. Korean uses characters, not letters, so Braille is useless. ‘Course, when I saw what Yoon-hee was using, it looks like a kid’s book at first.

Sometime later (a week, maybe? This show rarely tells us how much time has passed… it gets annoying after a while) Ha-na and Yoon-hee prepare to leave for her doctor’s appointment, when In-ha arrives. Ha-na backs out, leaving the two together. And where does she go? To the cafe. There, Sun-ho is briefing Joon about Yoon-hee’ illness, when Jun-seol calls out for Joon. When Joon ignores him, he adds, “If you’re not there, I’ll take the girl then!” That has Joon running out. He cheekily says, “You want me to take her? XD Man, I love Jun-seol.

I love how carefree they are, giving each other big hugs and everything. They decide to go on a date. An ordinary date, like going to the movies, eating out. Something normal. Because they haven’t even been on a normal date. Because they’re extraordinary people. Heh. When Ha-na asks if he has to do  photo shoot, he denies it, but Cho-soo comes up at exactly that point, saying everything for the shoot is ready. XD Joon says he’ll finish in two hours, which makes the assistant scoff. Two hours? They have two days worth of shooting to do! And sure enough, they zoom through the shoot, and someone even comments that they’re doing extremely well. Cho-soo and the other guy (I never actually found out his name… oops) says it’s the power of love. Heh. Gotta love those two.

Meanwhile Sun-ho and Ha-na sit down for a spell. Ha-na says that she’ll do anything Joon wants, except break up. That was the one thing she wouldn’t do for him. Good girl! You be strong! That way you’ll never break up! I’m proud of you!

Joon comes running out, grinning like a little boy and checking his watch. “1 hour and 48 minutes exactly. God I’m good.” XD Or, y’know, you’re just in love. He can be so vain sometimes, yet in an adorable way that makes me want to hug him so bad.

They go out to eat, and reminisce a bit. They realize they’ve never even gone out to eat, except when they were in Japan. And that doesn’t really count, since they were practically at their throats. Joon remembers with a smile one particular thing about that dinner. Something about a nickname he gave her…

He asks her if she could call him something other than “Mr. Suh Joon”, which is what she’s been calling him this whole time. (It sounds better in Korean. “Suh-joon-ssi” pronounced “shee”.) Instead, why doesn’t she call him “oppa” or “jagi” (which means “honey”)? Ha-na can only laugh.

So, they should have a name they call each other. Joon has one. Ha-na asks what it is, and cheeky Joon says, “Roo-roo.” HAHAHA!!! Oh god I love Joon! He continues his cheek, saying, “What, you don’t like it, Roo roo? Does it taste good, Roo roo? Wow, you eat a lot, Roo roo! Eat up, Roo roo!” XD Man, the cheek this boy has! I love him for it.

And, it’s so good, I have to put the video in. Start the video at 6:37 for the correct scene.

Man, I could watch that scene over and over again…

Anyways, back to business. Hye-jung calls in the middle of the meal, pretty much ruining any good mood that was present before. When he hangs up on her, she has the nerve to call Ha-na, and chews her out, before Joon takes the phone. She demands that he come home, and he hangs up on her yet again. Ha-na says they should go, but Joon staunchly refuses. So what does she do? She calls him “oppa” and he freezes mid-chewing. She says she’ll try to call him that from now on, and that they’re not running away anymore. Ooh, sneaky!

It works, because they head home, to find that Mom has invited over Mi-ho, Dong-wook, and Chang-mo as well. She bristles when she sees the two of them holding hands.

Turns out she wants to talk about the marriage between Joon and Mi-ho. *blinks* Say WHAT? Lady, you’re delusional. Dong-wook and Chang-mo take the Kids’ side on the matter, and I’m proud of them all over again. Mi-ho’s a little more than upset that her dad isn’t taking her side, but he forbids her from coming to the house anymore. Good daddy! Chang-mo points out that they’re adults, and she should let them makes choices as adults. Very good point.

After they leave, Mom keeps tearing into the Kids, more specifically, Ha-na, right in front of Joon. He sends Ha-na outside to wait while he talks with his mother. He says if she does this again, he’ll leave the house,and most likely never see her again. Threat in place, he leaves. Good. She needed that. I suppose it would  be asking too much to have him slap her, since she is his mother, after all. With that position comes a bit of respect.

Joon takes Ha-na home, where they run into In-ha. At home, Yoon-hee mentions how different people’s footsteps sound different. Ha-na’s, for example, always sound bright and cheerful, and Joon has fast and firm footsteps. Ha-na wonders what In-ha’s sound like, but Yoon-hee just gives a vague “I don’t know,” which suggests that she’s been avoiding it.

On the way back to his car, In-ha meets him, having waited. They sit down for a chat, and In-ha slowly breaches the subject that’s been on everyone’s mind, I think. The Parents aren’t going to get back together. He just has to do this; he has to take care of Yoon-hee. Joon knew what he was risking when he told his father about her eyes, and says so. He says, if it were him and Ha-na, what would he do? He’d do the same thing. He’d spend as much time with her as possible, and would protect her after she went blind.

Joon: “I always thought I would never understand you. But after I like Ha-na, and knew what it was like to like someone, I could somewhat understand what you had to go through. And I also understood what it was like for you to give up soemthing like that for me. I’m sorry for what I’ve done, father.”

Nothing like a father-son bonding, eh? I’ll never stop emphasizing how happy I am that this whole situation brought the two closer together, and helped Joon be more understanding of his father and why he did the things he’d done in Joon’s childhood.

The next day Tae-sung finds her in the greenhouse, saying that Joon’s mom is there, and is worried about her mom. They rush to find the two having a talk. Hye-jung is spewing the same spiel, demanding that Yoon-hee split the Kids. Ha-na interrupts, and Hye-jung leaves in a huff.

Tae-sung witnessed the whole scene, and it raises his ire, and he goes and takes it out on Joon. Finally! A confrontation! Showdown for the girl! That’s what I’m talking about, Show! He demands that Joon get off of Ha-na and leave her alone if he’s not going to protect her.

Joon has an idea of Tae-sung meant, and goes to visit Ha-na and her mom, apologizing on behalf of his. Yoon-hee is forgiving, understanding how hard it is for Hye-jung. She says she’ll be getting the surgery soon, and in the unlikely case that something goes wrong, she asks that Joon take care of Ha-na. I think, by now, Ha-na has realized that her mom knows about her relationship with Joon. She’d be stupid not to.

The kids take a walk, and Joon says he has something to tell her. He hugs her, then mouths the words “saranghae” which is “I love you” in Korean. I’m proud to say I can lip read at least one Korean phrase and know what it means! =D When Ha-na asks what he said, he tells her to guess, giving her the hint that it’s three words. Then he tells her to take care of “eomeoni” well, which is really sweet, as if he’s calling Ha-na’s mom his mom as well. Like they’re married! So sweet!

He goes on to say he’ll see her on the day of the surgery, and she wonders why not before then. He explains that she probably wants to spend the time until then with her mom, and he’s willing to wait until then. Ha-na is touched.

Fast forward a bit, and we see Joon moving out of his mom’s house. When she tries to stop him, he pretty much tells her “I warned you” and because of her stunt with Ha-na and her mom, he’s keeping his word and leaving.

Tae-sung is finally being straight, and tells Ha-na that he can’t wait for her anymore. He says, if she says no to his question, he’ll leave her alone, because he doesn’t want to be one of the ones giving her a hard time. She tells him that she liked him, but now she loves Joon, and doesn’t want to leave him. It’s actually quite sweet, what she says.

Ha-na: “Even if I’m not happy, even if I live in misery, I want to be with Joon. I love Joon.” Tae-sung accepts this, and leaves. There is one loose end, tied. Now, if only Mi-ho was that gracious…

So, it turns out that Joon got a job offer in New York, and has been contemplating it. Seems he’s seriously considering it. Mi-ho thinks that this would mean the end of Joon and Ha-na’s relationship, and decides that she’ll follow him to New York if he does indeed go. So much for graciousness. -_- Cho-soo wonders what will happen to him if Joon goes to New York.

Joon goes back home, telling his mom that he’ll come home on the weekends, but that’s it. It will take time to rebuild their relationship.

Yoon-hee spends time going through all of Ha-na’s baby photos, trying to memorize them in case she does go blind from the surgery. She then disappears the day before the surgery, leaving a note saying that she will be back in time for it. Ha-na, In-ha and Joon all go searching for her, knowing that she can’t be left alone for that long.

It’s In-ha who finds her. She’s at the university they went to, where they first met, revisiting all the places she has memories of with him. In a voice-over, she says that In-ha’s footsteps are always quiet and calm. They sit on the same bench that In-ha painted Yoon-hee on, all those years ago.

After receiving the news that In-ha found Yoon-hee, they have another chat by a lake. Joon tells her that he’s going to New York, and she can’t come with him, because she has to be with her mom. But when she’s no longer needed, he asks that she come to him. Sweeeeeet! Ha-na then says, “Back then, I heard you.” We flash back to that scene again, and this time, we hear Joon. She says, “I love you.” Hug time.

Well, we’re nearly there. One episode left to go! So excited! I was so excited, that I indulged myself and watched the previews for the finale. Kinda wish I hadn’t now. *sigh* But it’s gonna be a good episode, from what the previews told me. Looking forward to it!

Love Rain [Ep. 18]

This was a really laid-back episode, and not too much happened. I mean, yeah, stuff happened, but nothing too major, really. Well… Maybe something a BIT major… but anyways. It just felt like a slow episode.

Well, we left off with both Joon and Ha-na facing each others’ mothers, though each are on different ends of the spectrum, really. Joon finds out that Yoon-hee is going blind, though she begs him not to tell anyone. At this point, Joon also realizes that Yoon-hee knows about the Kids.

Ha-na, on the other hand, is in a bit stickier situation. Hye-jung pieces together the pieces and realizes that Ha-na is dating her son, something that makes her furious. All of a sudden, she’s fine with the Parents getting married, but the Kids can’t be together. Huh? Okay, lady, make up your mind! She vows to split the two. You are now my least favorite character (were you ever not?) and our show’s main antagonist (I consider Mi-ho and Tae-sung to be lower on the scale, though Tae-sung a notch higher than Little Sis).

When the two finally meet up, Ha-na’s still fresh from a beating from Mom, and insists that Joon go and spend time with her, implying that she wants to spend time with her own mother. Of course, at home, they spend most of the time texting and calling each other. These two are so cute!

A minor note:  the next day Sun-ho arrives at the cafe with a new hairstyle. It’s very different, and I must, I like. What’s funny is, the first thing Cho-soo (assistant) asks him is “Did you get dumped again?” HA! It seems every time he gets dumped, he changes his hairstyle, and this one must be really hard, since the style is so drastically different. Jun-seol guesses that the girl was Ha-na, but I wonder. I mean, it would kinda make sense, but I didn’t see anything that looked like attraction in that way to Ha-na from Sun-ho. So I’m not sold on that idea.

But I love these small things with our side characters. And to top it off, when Jun-seol mentions Mi-ho, implying that he hopes she’ll date him instead of Joon, Cho-soo becomes practically indignant and disbelieving. Jun-seol interprets that to mean the assistant also has a crush on Sun-ho little sister, which makes him indignant, exclaiming that Mi-ho is his girl. XD Oh man, would I love to see these two have a bickering relationship. Too bad that it’s so late in the series. I mean, seriously! If they’d introduced this relationship waaaay earlier,we would have gotten to many kicks out of it! I mean, look at Cho-soo’s face! XD

In the end, Joon ends up telling Sun-ho about Yoon-hee’s condition, who in turn tells his father, Dong-wook, who’s a doctor. She goes to his clinic to get her eyes checked, and afterwards he apologizes for telling them. He asks Yoon-hee to tell Ha-na, because she deserves to know, and he doesn’t want to keep lying to her. Awww, sweet. But she wants to see Ha-na’s smile for as long as possible, and knows that when her condition is found out, Ha-na won’t be smiling as much.

There is one thing I must mention. The relationship that forms between Yoon-hee and Joon in this episode is absolutely beautiful. I love it. Joon really cares for her like his own mother. I really appreciate that he’s so warm and kind to her, and that she leans on him, in a way, like a son. This is the kind of mother-son relationship I wish Joon had growing up. But I’m glad that he can at least experience it a little through Yoon-hee. And honestly, Yoon-hee is perhaps the best person he could experience motherly love through. Well, I guess you can’t consider their relationship too parent-child-like, but they’re a lot like friends now, and I really like it. Especially since just a few episodes before, he seemed to almost resent (or at least dislike) Yoon-hee for the pain she caused him and his mother all throughout his childhood, just for merely existing.

However, you won’t find anything remotely like that between Hye-jung and Ha-na. On the contrary, when she gets a call from Hye-jung demanding that they meet, she finds Hye-jung fawning over Mi-ho like a daughter-in-law, as if trying to make Ha-na feel left out. Mom demands once again that Ha-na break up with Joon, and Ha-na once again refuses to. Joon walks in on them, and realizing exactly what’s going on, grabs Ha-na and leaves.

Joon knows his mom, and is upset that Ha-na had to take that, demanding that she not get herself involved. Ha-na refuses (she’s doing that a lot this episode), saying that if his mom wants to see her again, she’ll go.

We get more of that fun new relationship as Cho-soo and Jun-seol sit outside and chat. It’s obvious to everyone that he likes Mi-ho, which Cho-soo points out. They both proceed to talk about her, Jun-seol complimenting her, and Cho-soo pointing out her faults. Jun-seol comments on her round eyes and full lips, and Cho-soo tags on that the words that come out of it are vicious. Heh. The rest of the conversation is like this, until the girl in question arrives, catching the tail end of the conversation. When she asks who they’re talking about, the two share a conspiratorial smile. It cute. XP

Mi-ho has the common sense to know that she’s not in good standing with Joon, and the whole situation with Joon’s mom made it worse, making her out to be Cinderella’s step-sister, as she tells her brother. When he tells her to apologize, she indignantly says she takes Mom’s side, and will stop Joon. Hmph. Go ahead and try. I’ll celebrate when you fail.

One thing that has awed me the entire show: has anyone notice the size of everyone’s cell phones? They’re ginormous! I mean, seriously! They’re huge! It’s like those old phones fro way back when, when phones were new technology, and huge. The only difference is that these are ten times as thin as the ones from back then. It’s funny that for the longest time, the trend was, the smaller the cell, the better. Now the opposite seems to be true, what with touch screens, etc. But I’ve never seen one as big as THIS. Maybe ‘cuz it’s Korea, and, like Japan, they are well ahead of the rest of the world in the technology race. I mean, here, they’re even video calling each other on their phones! I want one! Sheesh!

Tae-sung is back, and armed. He introduces Ha-na to his mom, the chairman of the group, who asks Ha-na to give her a tour. Why do I see a matchmaker in front of me? Of course, it is during this tour that Joon happens to see them. One good thing about Tae-sung is that he brings out jealous Joon. And I love jealous Joon. XD After the tour, Tae-sung tells her that he won’t give up on her, but she tells him she won’t break up with Joon.

Later that night, she comes home to find Joon waiting for her. She’s expecting something bad, but instead, Joon apologizes: “I’m sorry. Did it hurt? Because of my mom and me? I’m sorry.” Awwwww! He’s sweet. I’m glad that he didn’t get huffy about her being with Tae-sung. Because, as much as I love seeing jealous Joon, there are times when it can be too much, and it would be better for him to ignore it. Like here.

They sit down, and Ha-na comments on how his mom and Mi-ho looked like mother and daughter. She also says that they look good together, and they have a lot in common, like personality and style. Ooh, do I sense some jealousy in Ha-na? I’m loving it! Joon makes a comeback by saying they also have a lot in common. Some examples? Impatient, jealous and… impatient and jealous. XD Joon asks if she has to live there, because she sees Tae-sung everyday. Ha-na replies, asking him not to work with Mi-ho. Joon nods solemnly. I love these two when they’re openly jealous.

Hye-jung finds out about Yoon-hee’s imminent blindness, and spills the beans to Ha-na, once again begging her to beak up with Joon. But Ha-na’s not listening, stunned by the news that her mother is ill.

At the same time, Joon tells In-ha, albeit a bit hesitantly.

Joon: “Dad. There is something you must know. I didn’t know if I should tell you this or not, which was why I couldn’t go see you. I was afraid that we would have to give up if I told you this, but I think I have to be fair.  Because you gave up so much for us. Ha-na’s mother is sick. She’s going to go blind.”

He’s putting his trust in his dad, that this knowledge won’t affect the cancelled engagement, and therefore his and Ha-na’s relationship. In-ha, you had better not lose the little trust and faith your son has put into you for the first time in a long time!

They all head towards the hospital, In-ha and Joon getting there first. Yoon-hee is shocked to see him there. When Ha-na rushes in, Joon stares in astonishment while she hugs her mom, who’s beyond shocked that the two people she didn’t want to find out are here.

I really hope that this doesn’t affect the Kids’ relationship. I really really hope not. We’ll see in the next episode. Only two more to go!

Love Rain [Ep. 17]

This was a feel-good episode. Throughout the whole episode I was smiling and cooing over the cuteness. I will never get over the cuteness of this episode. After all the pain and heartache this drama gave us, it owed us an entire episode dedicated to make us smile and giggle. And so it did. I am in Heaven. ❤ Be forewarned: there will be LOTS of pictures. I can’t help it. Every moment with the Kids in the screen is adorable.

We ended the last episode on a happy, cute, and utterly adorable note, with Ha-na admitting that she wanted to stay with Joon. Then they ran off into the sunset. Well, not really. They actually just ran to Joon’s car, as we found out at the beginning of the episode. But it was a fun thought, while it lasted. =D

This means that there was no confrontation. Well, that’s not exactly true. Hye-jung (who, as I thought, didn’t recognize the Kids, since they were so far away) confront the Parents to confirm they really aren’t getting married. She wonders what made them stop, since Mi-ho (Little Sis has a name! =O) let slip that it was for Joon. She gets no answers.

But forget the adults for now. We want the Kids! They retreat to a house, one I think is just a rental, ‘cuz we don’t see it again afterwards. They spend an evening acting like a newlywed couple. It’s simply adorable.

We also get a callback to the 1-2-3 thing again, which I thought was cute. They really do look like a newlywed couple on a honeymoon. I just can’t get over how cute this is. >.<

Anyways, so remember that couple ring? Well, when Joon asks about a necklace he gave her, she says she threw it away, like he did the couple ring. Instead, he pulls it out; it was hanging around his neck the whole time. Did you really think he’d throw it away? Ha! Fat chance. He’s waaaay too in love with you to do that. He gives it back to her and tells her to give it to him when she’s made up her mind completely. Y’mean this isn’t her making up her mind completely? Then something even better must be coming…

Ha-na lies to Mom about staying the night with Joon, which strikes Yoon-hee as odd, since she knows for a fact that Ha-na’s not where she says she is. I doubt Ha-na has ever lied about anything to her. So something must be up.

And just to make sure we dislike out second-lead as much as possible, Tae-sung makes a visit to Yoon-hee, asking her to keep Ha-na and her boyfriend apart, because he’s not good for her. Yoon-heedoesn’t really know what to say to this, since she doesn’t know who said boyfriend is.

A matter soon remedied, it seems, because Yoon-hee finds Ha-na’s camera with a picture of her and Joon. It shocks Yoon-hee, but everything falls into place, all the things In-ha, Ha-na, even Joon, said to her. I’m glad she found out, as late as she did. I wish it had come sooner, but better late than never, I guess.

When she later meets with In-ha and lets him know that she knows, she thanks him for breaking off the engagement, knowing that it was for the Kids. It’s really sweet, the way she puts it. She wants the Kids to stay together. “Thank you for deciding to break up. You really are the person I knew. I will remember you as that.” I love Yoon-hee so much. She’s so sweet. If it weren’t for the Kids, I’d be desperate for her and In-ha to be together.

Anyways, rewind a bit. The following morning, Ha-na wakes up to find Joon outside. It’s really early, and there’s fog everywhere. Apparently there’s a myth in the region that if two people see it together, they’ll be in love forever. Sound familiar? Yep. Diamond Snow. The Kids remember this too. I remember a time when, as they were watching Diamond Snow together, they swore they would never fall in love with each other. Heh. They had to eat their own words. But what Joon says is even sweeter.

“I don’t believe in fate. Whether it’s Diamond Snow or wet fog, the reason why we were able to see it together was because we were together. I want to see a lots of things with you. Not because of fate, but because we look for each other. Let’s stay like that. Let’s see if this will work out or not, together.”

O.O I’d love for a guy to say that to me. That is just so sweet! And doesn’t it sound a bit like he’s proposing? Just a bit? Come on, indulge me!

It sure moves Ha-na’s heart, because she puts the couple ring onto his finger. I swear, it looks like they’re proposing to each other! The ring and everything!

“I will choose you. You were my first in everything. I will be on your side.” I think those words mean the world to Joon, especially that last bit. Because, remember, to him, those closest to him were the ones that hurt him the most, that were against him, almost. So, for her, who is now the closest to him, to be on his side, that probably means so much to him. And I love Ha-na for making him so happy.

And you gotta admit, that cinematography is bea-U-TI-FUL.

Hye-jung, as persistent as ever, goes to question Joon about why the Parents split, but she gets still no answers. I’m really curious as to how she’ll react when she finds out the Kids are together…

Mi-ho is heartbroken when she finds out that Joon and Ha-na are back together, crying alone in Sun-ho’s office (he’s not there). Jun-seol finds her there and attempts to comfort her, which is just hilarious, because he’s so bad at it. Well, rather than comfort her, he tries to sweet-talk her. I can’t help but giggle at this, especially when she hit him with her bag, and he goes “I deserved that.” XD I love this guy, just for the laughs he gives us.

We get another adorable scene where the Kids are on the talking to each other on the phone, and Ha-na mentions that she’s been craving chocolate and soju, but it’s too late to go out and buy them. So guess what Joon does? He drives over and brings her chocolate and soju! What a thoughtful boyfriend! And his pleased smile is just so adorable!

The next day Ha-na goes to see In-ha, to than him for letting them be together, and to tell him what Joon can’t tell him. It’s sweet. At the same time, Joon goes to see Yoon-hee. However, he arrives just as she has another vision breakdown, making her dizzy and sending her books everywhere. When he rushes over to help pick them up, she doesn’t recognize him, because she can’t see him. This is the first sign to Joon that something is wrong, especially when she realizes that she might know the person and turns and finally recognizes him. Oh boy…

On the other end, Ha-na is in the rooftop garden, waiting for Joon. She hears footsteps coming up the stairs, and smiles, thinking it’s Joon. She bursts out into the stairwell, only to come face-to-face with a shocked Hye-jung, who demands to know what she’s doing there.

Oh boy… People are going to have to give some serious explanations in the next episode. Granted, there are explanations that Ha-na could give to allay suspicion, but, knowing her personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if she accidentally spilled the beans. As for Yoon-hee… she can explain all she wants, but Joon’s smart enough to know that something’s not right.

There’s only three episodes left, but there’s still some stuff that could happen, which is good. This drama has places it can still go. I was satisfied with this episode. It left me in a good mood for the rest of the evening. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Dream High 2 [Series Review]

Dream High 2. *sigh*

I dunno. This show just wasn’t up to par with it’s predecessor. Dream High was an amazing drama. Dream High 2? Not so much.

To be honest, I almost dropped it. I got five episodes in, and I stopped watching it for the longest time. I’d lost all interest in it. It was only because I read ahead a bit on the plot, and something sparked my interest. I only continued watching it to see this plot device unfold, and even that was disappointing.

I really don’t have much to say about this drama. A lot of the songs didn’t really have much to do with the actual storyline; they were more of a filler meant to entertain us. But they didn’t. They were dragged out too long, some of them music-video length. It got annoying. There were some good songs, such as Hello To Myself, which was actually written by Yenny from the Wonder Girls. This was actually my favorite song out of the whole drama. Maybe one of the only ones I truly enjoyed. Here it is to listen:

So the biggest thing I had trouble with was the relationships that were built. During the course of the drama, Hae-sung  ended up becoming a couple with JB, which is kinda weird, since he went from sneering at her derisively, to declaring he liked her a few episodes later. Sheesh. That’s something that kinda bothered me. Especially since Yoo-jin also developed a crush on her.

I honestly thought that the ending pairing would be Hae-sung and Yoo-jin, not JB. Because it made so much more sense! I mean, really! After being degraded, pretty much, by JB so much (mainly because he’d still had feelings for his ex, Ri-an), she declared that she wasn’t his fan anymore, meaning she wouldn’t like him anymore. So now she suddenly eating her words and dating him? Fickle much?

And what’s worse, they didn’t even stay together.

*sigh* I honestly lost all desire to review this. That says a lot, I think.

Besides, this review pretty much says everything I want to say. I’m too lazy to even bother repeating it. Not when someone else has, ‘cuz I had pretty much the same reaction.

So yeah. The conclusion? Not a drama worth seeing. It was random, went all over the place, and made no sense. By the time we get to the end, we’re left wondering what the hell we just watched. The ending didn’t even make sense. =/ Bah.

Love Rain [Ep. 16]

Show, I forgive you.

I found this episode to be a bit on the slow side. Actually, the last couple of episodes were slow. Stuff kept on getting prolonged, and I was getting really frustrated. I mean stuff happened this episode, FINALLY. I know I said the same thing about the last episode, but truthfully, even that episode was slow. But finally we got around to the stuff the matters, and that’s all I care about.

Well, the conclusion I came to at the end of the last episode was wrong. *sigh* She breaks off the kiss immediately and runs off, effectively locking him out in the fire stairway. He catches up to her outside, and we FINALLY get something from her. When Joon demands to know what she’s afraid of, she says it’s herself. She hates the fact that she still misses him and when he’s hurt, she hurt, and that she lied about wanting to be family with him so that she could still see him. THANK YOU! FINALLY Ha-na reveals her true feelings.

Of course, that doesn’t last long, because she continues to plead with him that they should forget each other, and date other people. *sigh*

We switch back to the Parents, to find that In-ha’s decision that they shouldn’t get married is… rather well received. Yoon-hee says that the marriage didn’t feel right, and agrees to call it off, and stay only as friends. My gawd Yoon-hee, you are a saint. Thank you SO much for making this as painless as possible. Now all we have to hope is that your daughter stands up for her love when she finds out that the one thing hindering it is now gone, and doesn’t become a noble idiot– again.

Ha-na comes home to find Tae-sung waiting for her. He makes note that she thinks of everyone’s happiness– her mother’s, Joon’s– before her own; she doesn’t take care of herself. Thank you! Someone had to say it. That’s what annoys me the most about Ha-na’s character. She’s so righteous that she’ll disregard her own happiness for others. Granted, that’s a good thing, but it can become too much, and it starts to cross the lines of noble idiocy instead. Because, as selfish as it sounds, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

Tae-sung is frustrated (aren’t we all?) with Ha-na, but asks her (for the umpteenth time) to go out with him.

On the other end, Little Sis is upset that Joon stood her up. Joon, still smarting from Ha-na comment, asks her out. She’s stunned into silence, which he takes as a no, and tells her to never bother him again about it. When she snaps back, it’s too late to accept it. (I love how Cho-soo smirks at her, saying “He’s good.” Because I was saying the exact same thing.)

Ha-na and Sun-ho meet up at a cafe to have a chat, and after a bit Joon and Little Sis join them. Rather, Joon sits down uninvited and Little Sis just follows him like the little puppy she is. Awkwardness all around. He demands he take of the couple ring that she’s still wearing, if she’s so serious about ending their relationship.

Later that night In-ha finds a very inebriated Joon at his door, something that I don’t think has happened before. It’s very clear that the relationship between the two is very strained, but it seems to me that this whole issue has brought the two closer. Not in a positive sense, though. Yeah, Joon seems to be seeing In-ha more often, but it’s mostly to rant about how awful a dad he is. But when scenes like this one come around, it’s sweet to see. Joon’s drunk, and practically defenseless. We also get to see In-ha being a father to Joon, for once, by tucking him into bed.

The next day he tries to tell Joon that the marriage is off, but Joon refuses to listen to anything he says, and storms away. In-ha goes to see Yoon-hee, and they reminisce on the times they spent together. And then, next thing we know it, he’s flying to New York for a week. That was sudden…

It takes some people by surprise, mostly the Kids. Yoon-hee calls both Ha-na and Joon out to talk to them, and finally tells them that she and In-ha aren’t getting married. Both are shocked, and are quick to realize what this means for them. But Ha-na’s worried that it’s because of them. She’s only further upset to later find out that Joon’s dad knew about the two of them. They decide not to say anything to Ha-na’s mom, since it seems she didn’t know about the two of them.

But Joon is still set on them being together, and begs her once again to stay with him. Man, he’s got it bad. It’s becoming a bit repetitive, this whole sequence. How many times has he begged her to stay with him? And how many times has she refused? It’s getting old, show. And you’re making Joon look pathetic now.

Ha-na and her mom have a sit down one night, and Ha-na breaks down, still guilty over the fact that she and Joon are the reason their parents aren’t getting married. Yoon-hee’s a bit confused as to why her daughter is crying, not knowing about the Kids’ relationship, and when she asks, all Ha-na can say is “I’m sorry” and cry even harder. I love these mother-daughter moments. I love the relationship between Yoon-hee and Ha-na. It’s the ideal parent-child relationship that I want. It almost seems like the two are best friends; I can totally believe that.

But we see later that night that Yoon-hee isn’t completely unaffected by this. When alone, she cries. Awwwwwww, I wanna hug her so badly right now! While I’m glad that things ended smoothly between the two, I’m also glad that both parties were sad about the fact. I’m not happy for Yoon-hee’s grief, but I’m glad that she wasn’t made into an unfeeling person in all of this. Because we’re all human, and she had to still have had some lingering feelings in all of this.

A week passes, and it seems that Ha-na has been ignoring Joon’s calls, and so he gets frustrated and goes to her place. At the same time, In-ha arrives back from New York, and immediately makes for Yoon-hee’s place.

Yoon-hee’s vision has been getting worse and worse, and it starts to fade in and out again as In-ha arrives. He senses something isn’t right. At the same time, Hye-jung pulls up at the resort/park place where Yoon-hee and Ha-na live, having heard that the marriage is off, and wants to confirm it personally with Yoon-hee.

Joon confronts Ha-na about ignoring his calls. For some reason, the music makes me think of Pride and Prejudice. =/ Don’t ask me why. It just does. Anyways, he demands to know if there’s anything she has to say to him, and she meekly says, “I want to be with you.”


Joon is so cute with his satisfied smile as he hugs her.

…Which is of course how Hye-jung finds them, albeit from quite a distance away. *sigh* I sense a confrontation about to happen…

But I like ending on a happy note, and so does the drama, it seems. The happy couple ride off into the sunset…

Well, not really. But they do run off, adorable smiles on their faces. Where to, I can only guess. Maybe to the house to tell Yoon-hee? I dunno. And I honestly don’t care. I got the happy ending I’ve been wanting for a while.

Love Rain [Ep. 15]

I avoided writing up about episodes 13 and 14 until the very last minute because I couldn’t go through the emotional roller coaster they both took me on, 14 moreso than 13. But I refused to let myself watch the next episode until I’d finished writing about them. So I did. And it was horrible.

And so here we are with episode 15. Be warned. It’s really long. I had a lot of things to rant about, and it all came out here.

To be honest, I really don’t know what to think of this episode. My emotions have been run ragged by the last few episodes, and it feels like I have nothing left to my name. I feel really tired, and the whole situation still makes me whimper in heartbreak.

It also doesn’t help that it’s been rather slow so far. I’ve been waiting for stuff to happen, but nothing happens, and I get frustrated. And when stuff does happen, it given to us in a way that makes me want to pull my hair out.

So yes, stuff did happen this episode. Finally. But what I think of it, I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about it.

So In-ha knows about Joon and Ha-na. But he goes on to explain about his own relationship wit Yoon-hee, how she was dead to him for 30 years and thought he had lost her forever until she returned to his life. Oh no. Don’t tell me you’re gonna sacrifice your son’s love for your happiness. Last I checked, parents are supposed to sacrifice for their children’s happiness. You’re not being a very good dad, In-ha!

He asks for some time, but Joon knows exactly what that means: he can’t give Yoon-hee up. If In-ha were going to break up with Yoon-hee, he would have as soon as he found out, like Joon and Ha-na did. Then he has the nerve to say he doesn’t want to make Joon unhappy. OH REALLY? Kindly tell me how breaking your son’s heart shows how much you want him to be happy. Joon storms out.

He goes to Ha-na’s place, and asks her if she wants to continue their relationship, despite their parents, and see how it turns out. He’s desperate now, practically begging her to stay with him. And she answers “I’m sorry.” The painful look that follows immediately from him is what made that scene for me. So perfectly done. I would have liked to get a video of it here, but this is the best I can do. Fast forward it to 6:50.

Here’s the still I was able to get from it:

Aaaaaaand my heart is officially irreparable. This scene is probably the reason why I had trouble being happy for anything good that happened this episode. We’re not even ten minutes into the episode, and I have no emotions left to give it. *sigh*

It gets worse.

Joon: “Ok. Let’s become family. That works. Because to me family was always the one who hurts me. You can too.”

Oof. Is that a punch in the gut, or what? Family is supposed to be something that supports you and gives you love throughout your life. But to say that family is what hurt you? Ouch. And to say that to Ha-na, is pretty much saying that she hurt him to the extent that it has become a scar.

*sigh* Drama, why are you so dramatic?

That same night In-ha visits as well, to deliver that painting he did of Yoon-hee oh so many years ago. The painting that started it all, as Chang-mo says later on. We also get flashbacks, and I’m reminded that I liked the Parents when they were played by Yoona and Geun-suk, but now not so much. I really think that I became attached to the actors, not the actual character, which would also explain why I’m so attached to the Kids and wouldn’t mind at all if the Parents couldn’t be together, as long as the Kids are.

I think that’s a sign that the adult actors aren’t doing a very good job. At least, they aren’t up to par with their younger counterparts. Usually it’s the other way around. Y’know, experience an’ all. But not this time around. I guess I’m having the most trouble with the way they’re interpreting their roles. Yoona and Geun-suk had a nice, innocent interpretation, but Lee Mi-sook and Jung Jin-young (the adult actors) lost the thing that made Yoon-hee and In-ha so endearing: they’re innocence. Granted, the two are older, have seen more of the world an’ all, and can’t exactly be considered innocent anymore. But there’s still an innocence of character that they should have retained.

I guess I’m having the most trouble dealing with Jin-young’s In-ha, moreso than Mi-sook’s Yoon-hee, since I’ve seen more of a change in In-ha than I have in Yoon-hee. Now that I think about it, Yoon-hee’s pretty much the same… Must be In-ha’s change of character that’s making Yoon-hee seem different, even though she isn’t. Amazing the impact one person can have one another, huh? Because one person seems different, you assume that the other person must also be different and don’t think to actually look at the person. Oops.

I’ve been ranting too much. Back to the episode. In-ha brings the painting that started it all. It’s a really good painting, I must say.

They talk about In-ha’s upcoming birthday and decide to do something for it. They end up holding a party, and Chang-mo and Dong-wook join them, with Sun-ho as their driver (driving was Sun-ho’s excuse to come and see Ha-na. How cute is that? >.<) Joon joins them at some point, having been invited by Yoon-hee. The tense atmosphere just drives home how bad the situation is. Joon’s whole attitude and conversation just drive home how much Ha-na and In-ha have hurt him, each in their own ways. Both are taken on a guilt trip. Good. I’m completely on Joon’s side right now. Ha-na’s somewhere in the middle, but she’s not fighting for her love, which is what’s upsetting me the most.

Yes, I understamd that she wants her mom to be happy, and sacrificing her own happiness is the noble thing to do, but I can only imagine how devastated Yoon-hee would be if she ever found out what Ha-na sacrificed. What parent wants to make their child unhappy? Not one that truly loves their child.

Later that day, we can see In-ha getting ready to tell Yoon-hee about the Kids, but in the end he doesn’t. I’m biting my fingernails in frustration. Dammit, In-ha!

I was wondering how they would solve the problem, and one of the easy ways to solve it would be for one of the characters to die, or get diagnosed with a fatal disease or something. It’s terribly cliched, and I highly doubt they would do that here, so I was shocked when it was hinted. The situation: We see bits and pieces of scenes where Yoon-hee’s vision goes dark, as if she were having blackouts. We later find out she’s going blind. I was relieved, mainly because you don’t die of blindness, and I don’t want anything tragic to happen to the Parents, as unattached to them as I am. Because that would mean more grief for the Kids.

We see more scenes from our supporting characters, like Cho Soo, the assistant, and Jun Seol, Chang-mo’s nephew (remember them?), that give us a few laughs here and there. Cho Soo still doesn’t get why Joon broke up with Ha-na, when he so clearly is still in love with her. He takes it upon himself to do something about it. It’s minimal but it has an effect, though not on the person I meant for it to. He takes a string of photos from Ha-na’s old room above the studio and hangs it up in Joon’s room, no doubt hoping that it might spark something in Joon.

But instead the person who sees in is dear old Dad. To him, the pictures take up a whole different meaning. The fact that Ha-na’s pictures are hanging in Joon’s room tells him just how much Joon loves/loved Ha-na. Because no doubt Joon never hung pictures of girls in his room. This shows just how serious he was this time. It’s besides the point that it was Cho Soo who put the pictures there. But it smacks In-ha in the face, something that I’ve been wanting to do all episode long.

And so, he finally musters up the courage to talk to Yoon-hee, telling her that they have to stop the wedding, that he can’t give on Joon. The episode ends before we see her response. Just a little side note, the dress she was wearing at the time was quite lovely. It was going to be her “wedding gown.” I just think it doesn’t look quite as good on HER, though. Harsh, I know, but that’s my opinion.

But let’s back up a bit and catch up with the Kids.

So the second leads make efforts once again to get the leads. Tae-sung takes Ha-na to the movies, and Little Sis manages to wheedle a date out of Joon. And where do they go? The movies, of course. Granted, she knew Ha-na was going to the movies, having seen Tae-sung give her the tickets, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she planned the whole thing. Joon certainly seems to realize this, when the four come face to face.

Neither of the Kids seem too happy to be on a date with either of their second leads, and in the end Ha-na walks out on dinner, and Joon leaves the movie. He sees her, and pulls her after him, ending up in a fire escape. They stare at each other, passion in their eyes, sparks flying, speaking to each other without words, and then lean in for a kiss…

Wait. I’m not writing a romance novel here. So why the hell does it sound like a romance novel?! ‘Cuz that’s exactly what happens. *sigh* See, this is what happens when you have too much emotional tension too early in an episode. It drains the viewer, and by the time the ending comes around, all that’s left it cynicism and sarcasm. At least in my case.

I mean, I know I’m supposed to be happy an’ all that In-ha’s finally stepping up to the plate, and (apparently) the two are going to keep trying to be together. (I’m not sure about that one. It’s one of many guesses of what could become of that last scene.)

I’m kind of dreading the next episode, for some reason. =/