Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 9]

Fame. It’s getting to them. Fasten your seat belts, ‘cuz we’re in for some rough times.

Well, Ji-hyuk finally confessed. Yay! I guess this means they’re now dating?

Because of the contract, though, the whole band has to move into the company dormitory immediately, which means the end of their rooftop intimacy. Sadness all around.

The dormitory is quite nice, as far as dormitories go. Of, course, when the boys arrive, there’s a manager waiting for them. Oh boy. I get the feeling that these boys are going to be hard to handle. Heh. Their schedule is packed, and they only have to attend the bare minimum of school.

The next time their at school, Ji-hyuk does a hilarious attempt to surreptitiously have Su-ah meet him outside. It’s so obvious, it’s just plain funny.

When they’re alone, Ji-hyuk covers his embarrassment by trying to be more gruff than usual. I think we see through that, dear. He darts off quickly after speed-mumbling. “If anything happens, call me, or-if-you-miss-me-then-call-me, take care.” XD Cute!

I was right about the boys being hard to manage. The first one quits, soon followed by the second one. The third one has similar success (or lack of it). Heh.

So Eye Candy goes to their first photoshoot. And man, are these boys made of hot stuff.

Hyun-soo is quite the singer, as we get a small sample. Hae-ri (“evil witch”, Seung-hoon’s sister) wants him to sing a duet with Ye-rim, noting his strong vocals. Seung-hoon, who’s also there, asks Hyun-soo if he wants the song, as he wrote it. Hyun-soo scoffs and says he can make it big without Seung-hoon’s song. This clues him in that Hyun-soo does want to hit it big. Oh dear. Divide and conquer. How many times has that succeeded? Almost every time. Please be strong, Hyun-soo!

Later that night Ji-hyuk visits Su-ah at her rooftop room. While he’s cooking ramen, she measures his shoe size with her hand, noting earlier that they were beaten and worn down. Awwww!

The landlady comes by to tell her that some gangsters came by demanding her deposit, saying that next she, really would, ending with Su-ah getting kicked out. Ruh roh… I thought we were done with those gangsters…

We catch up with Ye-rim, who’s recording one of Seung-hoon’s songs. When he tells her to think of someone while singing, to give it more feeling, she looks straight at Hyun-soo, who’s waiting in the recording room with Ha-jin and Kyung-jong. And what do you know, she improves noticeably. Ooh, crush, anyone? Me likey. =D Hyun-soo catches her gaze, and they stare at each other, though I think he’s more indifferent, more with the “What the hell are you looking at?” face. Ha-jin practically swoons over her, swearing she singing the song for him, and that she’s fallen for him. Oh, poor, poor boy.


When it’s Eye Candy’s turn, they sing their signature song, “Jaywalking”, but don’t get very far before being told by the producer that they’re going to have to change it. Oh no you di’n’t! The boys are having none of that, and the session ends with the producer threatening to change it himself if the boys don’t.

It gets even worse when Hae-ri announces that their new name will be “Black Heart”. Seriously? You’re gonna change an awesome name like “Eye Candy” to something as boring as “Black Heart”? Lady, you’re CRAZY. They’re called Eye Candy for a reason, y’know…

She eventually concedes, which is a good thing, ‘cuz I would have loved to pull out her hair for all this. She adds on that this single will be a test of their potential, to see how far they go as themselves, and it’ll also be a test of how far their lack of ambition can take them. *sigh* Why do I immediately think of Hyun-soo when this issue comes up?

So the single is released, and the boys celebrate. It spreads like wildfire, becoming immensely popular, even at school.

Ji-hyuk texts Su-ah to tell her he’s coming over, and stops by the convenience store to get some snacks. Su-ah, meanwhile, comes home to find all her belongings outside. Looks like the gangsters came back. Oh crap. Now she’s homeless? Cruel, cruel world.

Here I am desperately telling Ji-hyuk to hurry and get his butt over to her place, when I just KNOW something’s going to happen to keep him from arriving.

And to no one’s surprise, something does happen. Turns out some girls picked a fight with Woo-kyung, siccing their boyfriends on her, as revenge for the last fight they had. The boys are called out, and they all come to her rescue, including Ji-hyuk. And what’s worse, he can’t tell Su-ah, because in his rush to get there, he left his phone in the convenience store. GRAR!!!

Our boys win, of course, but things take a nasty turn when sirens blare and the cops pull up.

Oh. Crap.

Bad stuff is gonna happen because of this fight, huh? Dammit! Come on!

I’m getting more and more worried about Hyun-soo, especially since Seung-hoon seems to have marked him out as a way to break up Eye Candy. He seems to be the only one in the band who has ambitions beyond this single, and it worries me that that ambition will come back to bite us. On the other hand, I’m really excited that something might happen between him and Ye-rim.

Anyways. Bad stuff’s about to happen, and I’m scared. Really scared.


Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 7-8]

Disappointment. Grrrrrr. Bah humbug. Kids these days. Anyways. So. The kiss. *sigh* Is it wrong that I want to watch it over and over again?

Both parties involved go home in a daze, as well as in confusion. It’s as if they don’t know whether they enjoyed it or not.

Strawberry Fields rubs in their victory over Eye Candy, and pretty much the whole school is on their side. And that principle. Ugh, I hate him more and more as each episode goes by.

Hyun-soo doesn’t come to school, nor does he answer the guys’ calls, feeling guilty about being the reason they lost. Yeah, it kinda was your fault. no denyin’ it.

Su-ah is particularly awkward because of last night, so whenever she sees Ji-hyuk, she retreats. In her haste, she even walks into a wall. XD

When he finally manages to corner her, wondering why she’s been avoiding him, especially since she’s the one that said she wanted to be with him. She backpedals, insisting she meant she just wanted to be with him during a rough patch. Girl, why you make me mad?! I’m not sure if Ji-hyuk believes her, but he stalks off, scoffing that she must pity him.

*sigh* I thought we’d gotten somewhere! This is really annoying me.

To switch topics for a minute, I have to say, I’m really starting to become more and more interested in Hyun-soo. His character is developing nicely. We get a scene with him and his little sister, who asks about “Ji-hyukie oppa”. I love her nickname for Ji-hyuk. XD But Hyun-soo says that he probably won’t come, since he ruined everything. Awwww puppy! Have faith in your friends!

We get a nice piece of backstory as well. Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk were the closest way back when, but when Ji-hyuk started hanging out more and more with Byung-hee, playing guitar, he became jealous and forced himself to learn guitar too, so that he could still hang out with the boys. It’s cute how little sis pats him on the back and tells him it’s okay. I love it when out boys have good relationships with their siblings, especially if it’s a little girl. Plus points for Hyun-soo! ❤

Randomly on the street, some girl passing by squeal to him how cool he is. Curious… what could it be?

Turns out the video of Eye Candy’s performance at the contest went viral online, a whole lot more popular than Strawberry Fields’. Heh. They may have lost the contest, but I bet they’re about to become huge because it was such a memorable performance – blood and all.

Of course, the boys in question don’t know this, and depression starts to set in. Ji-hyuk starts to wonder if this is the end. His mood, already pretty sour, gets worse when he sees Seung-hoon and Su-ah chatting happily at her doorstep. He’s telling her that he likes her. As in, like likes her. Bah. Well I don’t like you! Well, I do… but for the role you play right now, I don’t!

The video has gotten so popular, I’m surprised the boys are so oblivious to it. Especially since everywhere they go girls are practically swooning over them. Are they that used to it? Sheesh. XD Their popularity is further increased when Kim Ye-rim, the star who’s car nearly ran over Hun-soo and caused his injury, promotes their song, saying it’s become a recent favorite. I sense a new possible love interest coming around sooner or later… This time, for Hyun-soo. I wouldn’t mind at all. I want Hyun-soo to be happy. He’s just so cute and adorable. And hot. OMG he’s incredibly hot. I can’t deny it.

Speaking of Mr. Hotness, Ji-hyuk FINALLY goes to visit him. How great is it that all the other guys had the same idea, and they get there at about the same time? I love this bromance.

Hyun-soo’s been down in the dumps, not leaving his bed. So the guys cheer him up by tickling him. No seriously. XD

On the way home, Ji-hyuk, Woo-kyung and Do-il run into Su-ah, who is on her way to the convenience store, where she accidentally left Seung-hoon’s mp3 player. It pleases me greatly to see a bit of jealousy flicker across her face upon seeing Woo-kyung hanging all over Ji-hyuk. That means there are some feelings on her side.

After Su-ah goes, Ji-hyuk dumps Woo-kyung onto Do-il (who, I pretty sure doesn’t mind. I’m amost certain he has a crush on her) and chases after Su-ah. He finds her rifling through the garbage in search of the mp3 player. He asks if she’s desperate to find it because it was Seung-hoon’s song, but she says it’s because it was Ji-hyuk’s voice. Yay! She knows! He awkwardly tells her he can just sing for her instead.

So he sings. And I have to admit, he does have a pretty good voice, though I personally have Korean singers I like better.

Eye Candy resumes practices, though they’re at a loss as to what for, though Ji-hyuk says they should play for the same reason they always did – for fun.

Then Woo-kyung comes charging in, announcing that the video of their performance is unbelievably popular. They don’t really care, since it does nothing for them. Ji-hyuk get a call, and after a mere “Yes, I understand” he tells the others in a calm voice that HR Entertainment (Seung-hoon’s sister’s company, and the one that hosted the festival contest) asked them to come in the following day. He breaks into a small smile and adds, “They mentioned something… about a contract.” HA! I love his calmness. I mean, LOOK at his sly little smile! The boys are ecstatic, of course, as they should be.

The next day they meet with Seun-hoon’s sister (I really need to find out her name… I think she’s going to be rather important), who says they want to form a new band, with Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo as the vocalist and guitarist, respectively. But… not the other three. This doesn’t go over well with Ji-hyuk, who is quick to make it known they aren’t happy about it. He shreds the contract in her face, and storms out, followed by the rest of the band.

Only… Hyun-soo doesn’t seem quite as willing to let this chance go. Urg. Please don’t turn traitor! I love you too much for that!

At school the next day, Eye Candy struts their stuff through the hallways, girls squealing and swooning left and right. Heh. Their popularity is buoyed by the rumor of their impending contract. Seung-hoon’s clearly not pleased that his noona passed him up for Eye Candy. He later blows his top off at her for it, which makes me more and more smug.

Of course, there’s still some internal conflict within Eye Candy. The contract has made things a little more awkward for the group, because Hyun-soo clearly wants to pursue it. Ha-jin (the bassist), who’s still upset about the festival, calls him out, and Hyun-soo blatantly agrees. Yes, he wants to sign it and become famous. Things become so heated that Do-il finally stalks off silently.

Su-ah finally tells Seung-hoon to stop chasing her. She can’t accept his heart. He asks if there is someone else, and says she she thinks so. Thank you! Finally, something solid and firm out of her! I was beginning to worry…

The boys meet up once again for a meeting to discuss the contract. They decide that they have to stay together, and they’ll force “that witch” (heh) to give them all a contract, or none at all.

Which is when an unexpected guest pops up, disappointed that that’s all they amounted to. They’re in shock. Seems he’s some really famous person. He just looks like a bum right now, though. XD He totters away (did I mention he’s drunk?), leaving the band bewildered. But the soon break into smiles, do their fist pump thing, and set off to practice even harder.

When they finally decide they’re ready to go and show “that witch” their mettle, she walks right into their basement practice room, having heard them play already. She announces that she’ll produce a single for them. Turns out her change of heart is because of that bum guy, who’s name is Rock Kim. She called him up to go check Eye Candy out, and he told her not to break them up. Awww, I love you already, ahjussi!

When the day comes for them to sign the contract, they have to bring a parent along, being underage an’ all. So what we get is a hilarious group of characters, and a couple minutes of laughter.

Hyun-soo comes with his nightclub-singer parents, who are thrilled about the contract. Ye-rim sees him on the way and grabs him, asking about his hand. He remains as icy as always. Come on, boy!

Ha-jin shows up with his noonas, all very loud and boisterous. But they don’t compare to Kyung-joo’s embarrassingly loud mom. XD On a more serious note (though still quite funny in the presentation), Do-il’s gangster father arrives with two lackeys. I swear, I would hate to be in a room with all of them at the same time. They’re all so obnoxious and loud, and, well, embarrassing.

No one shows up for Ji-hyuk, who stands in a corner, looking all depressed. Awww puppy! How left out must he feel? I feel even worse when instead of coming in person, his mom sends the signed contract via lawyer. Now i’m almost positive he’s the son of a chaebol, though with some serious family issues. I wanna know more about him!

Any hubbub from this at school is short-lived, because word gets out that a popular, mysterious “genius songwriter”, Ryu, is in fact, Seung-hoon. Oh, so he’s a genius now, huh? Hmph.

He’s decided to debut, but this time, alone. This infuriates Ma-ro and Pyo-joo, who are pretty much being dumped because of this. And Seung-hoon couldn’t care less. He sees that only as stepping blocks that he can get rid of when he doesn’t need them any more. That kinda pisses me off, to be honest.

Things aren’t going to well for our leading couple, either.

Let’s rewind a bit. A few nights before, they got caught being cute and playful with each other by some of the guys, including Woo-kyung, though they cover it up with some lame excuse. When Su-ah is invited though, to celebrate the possible contract (this was before they met “that witch” for the first time), as Byung-hee’s muse (because that’s how the rest of the band sees her, still), Ji-hyuk grumbles that he’s getting sick and tired of the use of the phrase “Byung-hee’s muse”. She interprets this as “I’m sick and tired of you,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So fast forward to present day, Ji-hyuk comes home to find Seung-hoon and Su-ah talking again. Ji-hyuk gets pissed to see his rival holding her hand, and growls at him to back off. The boys are up in arms, and, exasperated, Su-ah tells them both to go away and leave her alone.

Woo-kyung catches up to Ji-hyuk, and tell him not to fall for Su-ah, because she was the girl Byung-hee liked. Ack. I had really hoped this issue wouldn’t come up, but it was bound to happen. *sigh*

On a side note, that teacher from the boys’ old school, Teacher Kim, gets put on suspension for six months for roughhousing some students. He randomly meets Rock Kim, and it turns out they’re old acquaintances. Ooh, I’m curious to know what their relationship was…

Ji-hyuk ends up calling Su-ah over and over again, trying to get ahold of her, and finally goes and waits outside the restaurant she works at. When she finally comes out, she ignores him. He asks why she didn’t answer her phone, and fires back at him. She tells him she won’t be swayed by him, and turns to leave. Ji-hyuk grabs her back and say, “I don’t know how things will turn out either! Whether this is right… my head is upside-down and backwards… I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy… because I like you.”

THANK YOU! Finally, a confession out of him! They were going around and around in circles, and it was getting really annoying and cumbersome. Things had better improve from here on out, I swear. If not, I think I’ll tear my hair out. *grumbles*

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 5-6]

Oh boy. So much in these two episodes, my head is gonna explode.

Where we left off, Ji-hyuk, in a moment’s split decision, forfeits the competition by grabbing Su-ah and leaving. They barely avoid the thugs and make their escape on Maro’s borrowed motorcycle, and stop for a break under a bridge. Su-ah muses that her schoolmates must be giddy with the gossip about her. Sheesh, these people are terrible! Are they old ladies who enjoy gossip to a fault? Ugh.

Ji-hyuk awkwardly tries to comfort her as she cries. It’s adorable how awkward he is, patting her back.

Of course, things aren’t so pleasant with the other Eye Candy boys, who stew in frustration in the pool hall. When Ji-hyuk arrives, he’s more than a little apologetic. The guys just glare and demand an explanation. How could he forfeit for a girl? He stumbles for an explanation, landing on her being Byung-hee’s muse. This is really the only explanation that would work, since they all know loyalty to their friend. But’s it’s still not very convincing, since Ji-hyuk can’t look anyone in the eye. After he leaves, Do-il, the drummer, comments that he must be really sorry, since he’s never been so flustered in front of them. I’ll say.

Ji-hyuk had dropped Su-ah off at the restaurant, where Seung-hoon was waiting for them. He waits for her to finish work so that he can talk with her. He clearly upset that she didn’t tell him, and he makes that known. Well, if I recall, you were the one saying that people who lives in hovels like a rooftop room are below them in status. You gotta forgive her for not exactly being comfortable telling you that she was also among those he would normally consider beneath him.

Ji0hyuk finds her later on in a convenience store, and gruffly offers to switch homes with her for the time being to avoid the thugs. Oh man… So many hijinks ca come out of this. XD

The next day at school, the bullying ensues, led by Pyo-joo. Dude, weren’t you kinda her friend (or mutual friends with Seung-hoon, anyways)? Sheesh. Talk about superficiality. When Su-ah runs out of the room crying, Seung-hoon enters and wanrs Pyo-joo not to lay a hand on his “girlfriend” or he’ll regret it. Gossip flourishes with this new bit. So they really are going out? Ji-hyuk doesn’t look very happy about that… Ooh Jealousy, I’ve been waiting for you.

So the results come out for the festival competition, and while Strawberry Fields gets fourth place, everyone is stunned to see that Eye Candy beat them, getting second place. Booyah!

The critique of their performance puts them on edge, because it states that the guitar needs to be more explosive. That’s Hyun-soo’s department, and I’m kinda scared of what may happen. We’ve already seen signs of discontent from him. This may push him over the edge. *sigh*

That night Ji-hyuk makes a stop by Su-ah’s- well, his- room to pick something up, but both scramble when the guys suddenly arrive. She hides while he hurriedly shoos them out, but their cover is blown when Kyung-joo rushes back for the bathroom, ending in a round of screams from both him and Su-ah.


Their explanation is quite hard to believe, as outlandish as it is, and Woo-kyung is especially annoyed and jealous by this development. But after hearing about her predicament, they are forced to let the issue be.

Hyun-soo, meanwhile, has been practicing like crazy, forgoing sleep, and eventually even calling in sick at school to practice all day. Talk about commitment.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and there are loads of girls from their old school waiting to give them chocolates, which makes Pyo-joo scoff, saying that the cheap chocolate is nothing compared to the expensive chocolate girls gave Seung-hoon. …And then Ha-jin and Ji-hyuk pull more chocolates from their desk, from Jungsang girls. HA! XD

The boys decide to get an outside opinion of their performance and ask Su-ah to come listen to them play, but she has plans. The guys assume she’s going on a date with Seung-hoon. Someone’s not too happy to hear that.

But no, she’s meeting Dad, who’s been on the run. But now he’s feeling bad for his daughter, and says he’s going to turn himself in. At least the guy has a conscience.

The boys worry that they haven’t heard anything from Su-ah, thinking that she would tell them if she couldn’t go. When one guy brings up the possibility that the thugs came back, Ji-hyuk bolts. He arrives to find the thugs waiting in front of his door… well, her door, really. He texts to ask where she is, and just as she replies saying she’s almost home, the thugs recognize him from the other day at the school. He runs, leading them away from Su-ah, and gets beaten up pretty badly. They call it off when their boss calls, saying Su-ah dad turned himself in.

Ji-hyuk stumbles home, and smiles to Su-ah standing at her door… until he rounds the corner and sees she’s with Seung-hoon, pulling her into a hug.


*sigh* That’s the last thing you want to see when you’ve just gotten yourself beaten bloody for the girl.

He turns and leaves, and spends the night at the pool hall.

It causes a commotion when he comes to school covered in band-aids. Hyun-soo and Ha-jin are adamant to know who beat him up, guessing fairly quickly that if it had been normal neighborhood punks, he wouldn’t be this beaten up. They’re quick to guess that it was the thugs after Su-ah who did this. She’s shocked to hear this, and when she comes to return his phone, which he’d dropped the previous evening, Hyun-soo tells her to get lost. I do believe he hates her.

His bad mood hangs around him all day, and at practice he leaves early. Su-ah comes over and says they can switch back to their normal rooms, since the thugs won’t be coming back.

The news breaks out of her father’s arrest the next day at school, and things go from bad to worse for her. In gym class, Pyo-joo makes a jab at her and Ji-hyuk, calling them the “Rooftop Couple”, having overheard some other Eye Candy guys talking about it. Ji-hyuk takes a basketball and checks it right at his head. Thank you! That was satisfying. He goes even further when the teacher comes to break up the impending fight, and he grabs Pyo-joo in a hug and whisprs menacingly in his ear that he should shut his trap or he’ll shut it for him, then storms out of class. Oh I’m in a good mood right now. XD

Then it’s the girls’ turn. They mock Su-ah, calling her the Jungsang Two-Timer. And what’s great about this? Su-ah stand up for herself. She looks the meangirl straight in the eyes and says yes, her father went bankrupt, yes she lives in a rooftop room… anything else she’d like to know? She adds that for the record, the too-good-for-her Seung-hoon is not her boyfriend… which is right when Seung-hoon walks into class. Awkward.

Seung-hoon confronts Ji-hyuk, but Ji-hyuk is quick to pull him down a notch, saying he should control his friend, which is exactly what Seung-hoon does.

The day before the festival, they end practice early, and Ji-hyuk wonders why they’re not even complaining when they’ve never worked this hard before. But Hyun-soo says it’s because they have something to prove, “to Byung-hee.”

Awwwww. They could have said that they want to prove something to the rich kids, but no, it’s all for Byung-hee. He’s the one and only reason they’re here. Kinda makes the whole rivalry between them and Strawberry Fields moot.

On the way home, Su-ah catches up with him. She asks if he knows anyone who has the same voice as him, but no, he doesn’t. She has him listen to Seung-hoon’s song, which he immediately recognizes. He can barely contain his smile as she goes on to say that the voice makes her heart feel warm when she’s lonely, makes her heart race when she’s excited, and makes her want to cry when she’s sad. He doesn’t let on that it’s actually his voice, and instead is a puddle of cuteness in his smile.

The next day everyone’s at the festival, except Hyun-soo, who was held back because of family matters. It’s a race for time as Hyun-soo rushes to get there in time. On the way, he almost gets run over by a van, though he rolls to avoid it. The result: he gets a shard of glass stuck in his hand. Owwwwww. The owner of a van, some celebrity, watches him in interest.

He gets there just in time for their performance, and all is good until we notice that his hand is bleeding profusely. Ruh roh. He’s getting all his riffs right, which makes him happy, but seriously, why are you not worried about that hand? It’s bleeding all over the guitar!

That’s when Ji-hyuk looks over during a break to see Hyun-soo’s face twisted in pain, and his bloody hand. Without any hesitation, he stops the song in the middle by grabbing Hyun-soo in a hug to stop him playing. Hyun-soo struggles to free himself and keep playing, but Ji-hyuk just holds on tighter until he stops struggling. With resignation, Hyun-soo leaves the stage. Ji-hyuk turns and starts the song back up, finishing it. It’s heart-wrenching.  He knows they can’t win anymore, but he still finishes the song.


In the end, it’s Strawberry fields who wins. Backstage, Hyun-soo looks for Ji-hyuk, but deflates when he’s told that he left early. The celebrity who’s van pretty much caused this, Kim Ye-rim, is waiting outside their dressing room, and hesitantly asks if h’es okay. The rest of the band members recognize her immediately, but he’s got no time for her, glaring at her icily and snaps at her, asking if sorry is going to let them back onstage, or let them win. “I wanted to give my friend one last gift, but it’s all ruined because of me. I’m about to go crazy right now so shut up and get lost!” Awwwww puppy!


Su-ah ditches Strawberry Fields, who goes out to celebrate their victory, and heads home to find Ji-hyuk standing on the roof of his rooftop room. I think she’s thinking roughly the same thing I am as she rushes up and begs him to come down. But no, he’s not suicidal. He comments how it’s a completely different view from up here, wondering if Byung-hee has a similar view from Heaven. He tells her to come up, which she does, though she’s too scared to make it all the way up the ladder. He asks why she would bother coming up here, and she says it’s because he wouldn’t come down.

He asks why that matter to her, and she replies, “Because I want to be with you.”

…Is it?

Without another word, he interlocks his fingers with hers and pulls her in for a kiss.


OMG!!! We’re only six episodes in, and it’s already come to this point! It had better not be  fake-out, Show, or I’ll have words for you. The fact that Su-ah says it first is awesome.

But even though the kiss was the highlight of the episode, that concert scene was by far the more dramatic one yet. Hyun-soo is an interesting character, mostly because of the friction he causes in the group. He’s like a wild card. You never know where his emotions will take him. The bromance between him and Ji-hyuk is something, man. That hug… I almost cried. I was SO grateful that SOMEONE stopped the boy from hurting himself further. He gave up the performance for Hyun-soo. He put people before everything else. That’s what’s so great about Ji-hyuk. And then he finishes the song, just to keep the promise to Byung-hee, even though they know they won’t win. T_T

Why is this drama so good?!

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 3-4]

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Seriously. What did I just watch? This show is so full of awesome. And angst. And bromance. Gawd the bromance. I love it.

Last we saw our heroes, tragedy struck. Ugh. That was horrible. And they made us watch it all over again. In a short montage, we see some of Byung-hee’s recent happy moments, and the image of him blissfully crowdsurfing superimposes over his funeral picture. If there’s any small consolation, it’s that the hybrid image reminds us that Byung-hee had said he’d like to die in his happiest moment, with his friends, surrounded by music.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t his happiest moment. Godamn it all.

The guys don’t take it too well. Ji-hyuk seems almost crazy. He screams as memories of conversations with Byung-hee float through his head. I’d be just as crazy if my best bud died in front of me.

At school the next day, the principle infuriatingly announces that one of the students died last night, and warns them not to stay out late. Dammit, can someone please smack him in the head? I really hate this guy.

Seung-hoon, Pyo-joo and Su-ah are all worried, though for different reasons. Pyo-joo twitches in fear of the repercussions to come. And rightly he should. He’s the main cause for Byung-hee’s death. Seung-hoon, I think, is just disturbed by what happened, and perhaps a bit troubled that he didn’t get there in time to stop it. I hope. If the guy has any conscience. Su-ah is just worried because the three seats occupied by Ji-hyuk and the other two are empty.

This is when Ji-hyuk storms into the room, vengeance in his eyes. Pyo-joo cowers in his desk, and I really hope that he’s peeing his pants. But Ji-hyuk beelines for Seung-hoon, demanding that he bring Byung-hee back to life, before a teacher pulls him away.

Pyo-joo is deathly scared, knowing that if they could, Eye Candy would kill him for revenge. This whimpering, sniveling ass gets no sympathy from me. Especially since his father just tries to compensate by giving Byung-hee’s father a load of cash. Oh, so there’s a price on a human life now, huh? Grrrrr…

They’re all in a funk as they have a procession that ends up in the pool hall. It’s really sweet how they treat the picture like it really is Byung-hee, wrapping “him” in a jacket, because he always hated the cold.

At the pool hall, another gang joins them, from their old school. These guys are more than pleased that Byung-hee’s gone, and are quite public about it, until Ji-hyuk shuts them up with his icy glare of doom. Seriously. If looks could kill.

Daaaaaamn. Don’t mess with the emotionally unstable boy. You really don’t want to push the wrong buttons with this one.

To commemorate Byung-hee, the group light firecrackers in front of Ji-hyuk’s rooftop room, as Su-ah watches from afar. When she approaches him the next day, he’s very snappy, wondering if she’s sad that she doesn’t have a puppy trailing her around anymore. Ouch. He pretty much lays the blame on her, though she doesn’t understand quite why, but he cuts himself off and tells her to get lost. He then proceeds to closet himself for days on end, not coming out of his room.

So when someone calls asking for Byung-hee, he’s more than surprised. Turns out Byung-hee had secretly signed them up for a rock competition. Awwwww, the remnants of him are still there. He confirms the rules, that they have to be registered students, and immediately goes off in search of the guys to make sure they’re not doing anything to potentially ruin that.

It’s a bit late for that, because the rest of the guys decide to get revenge on Pyo-joo themselves, cornering him and bit the hell out of him, only stopping when Ji-hyuk finds them and stops them. They think he’s finally crazy, until he tells them later on what Byung-hee did for them. In order to participate in the contest, they have to go to school. So they have to be good.

This also means they have to reshuffle and appoint  new leader and vocalist. That goes to Ji-hyuk. We also see some strife crop up with Hyun-soo, who may become a problem later on…

Ji-hyuk finds the song Byung-hee wrote for Su-ah, his muse, and finishes the song. They sneak into the school after dark to record in the practice room, since they need to submit a demo CD for the contest.

Later that night, Ji-hyuk is sitting outside his room listening to the message Byung-hee had left that fateful night. Su-ah happens to come by and hear it, and realizes with shock why Ji-hyuk had blamed her. He’s feeling a bad about that, but she won’t listen, and leaves quickly.

Turns out Strawberry Field will also be participating in the contest. Ooh, rivalry. Things are going to get interesting.

But bad news comes their way in the form of the cops. They herd everyone except Ji-hyuk away, as Pyo-joo’s dad filed for assault against them. Yipes. Not good. If this gets them expelled, there is no way they can be in the contest.

So Ji-hyuk confronts Seung-hoon.

And then…

He falls to his knees in front of him, begging him to let them stay in school.

Shock all around.

Totally wasn’t expecting that. Ji-hyuk is so prideful that getting on his knees means that this is the last possible option he has.

They relocate, and have a chat, ending with Ji-hyuk telling Seung-hoon to put a lid on his friend’s mouth, pretty much appealing to his conscience.

Well, whatever Seung-hoon did, it worked, because the charges are dropped, and the battle for the practice room is back on. Oh yeah. That thing.

That night, Ji-hyuk notices some thugs outside Su-ah’s door, obviously not there for a tea party. He frantically gets her attention and helps her escape to his place as the thugs scour the place looking for her. She ends up staying the night there, and sneaks out the next morning.

At school Ji-hyuk meets with Strawberry Fields to decide on the rules for the battle of the bands. I love how he manhandles Pyo-joo like he’s a child, which is probably very demeaning. As he’s leaving, Ji-hyuk grabs a guitar pick and flings it into the dartboard Maro (the other guy in Strawberry Fields) had been playing with. It sticks direct center, and Maro and Pyo-joo stare at it in awe. So do I.

Needing a place to practice, Eye Candy’s manager, Woo-kyung, finds a rundown place on the verge of being torn down they could use.

In order to earn some more money, Ji-hyuk records a song as a guide musician. Turns out, this song is Seung-hoon’s, and his sister is the one in charge of it. Interesting connection…

Seung-hoon, meanwhile, is following Su-ah secretly, having been tipped off that things may not be that great for her. It’s to his dismay that he learns that she works at a restaurant and lives in a dump. Across from Ji-hyuk. Eep.

The next day Seung-hoon gives his song to Su-ah to listen, and she becomes enthralled by the song, or more accurately, by the voice singing it. Yep, it’s the song Ji-hyuk recorded.

One teacher has been incessantly trying to get Eye Candy expelled, handing out demerits left and right for the smallest thing. This guy came from the same school as the boys, and knows them as troublemakers. So when Ji-hyuk finally snaps at him that they’re trying to be good, but they can’t if the teacher is always trying to find ways to expel them. This seems to hit him, and in nags at him all day, until he finally scratches the demerits  away. Awwwww. Guy’s got a heart, after all.

Later that night, the band are practicing in their new place, when they are interrupted by police sirens. Some neighbors called, having heard the banging of the drums. The boys sneak out while Woo-kyung distracts the cops.

At the same time, Su-ah leaves the resaurant she’s working at to find Seung-hoon waiting for her. He pretends to have been passing by, and she pretends she was meeting a friend. He sweetly gives her a scarf, then walks her, holding her hand, to the bus stop, where he kisses her forehead. On the bus, she touches her forehead, and back at the bus stop, he smiles like a little boy as he looks t his hand. Awwwww so cute! Why so cute? I love seeing this new side of Seung-hoon. It gives him more depth.

The next day is the day. The battle for the bands has the whole school talking, betting on who will win. Right before it’s about to begin, they find out that the bass guitar is stringless, and the replacements are missing, having been left behind at the old building in their haste to escape. Ji-hyuk races to go find them, as Strawberry Fields starts their turn. He gets back in time, but on his way back in, he spots the same two thugs from Su-ah’s house asking around the school for her.

Turns out Su-ah’s father’s company went under and is being prosecuted. Gossip spreads like wildfire, and suddenly Su-ah is one unpopular girl. Su-ah just stands in the crowd, frozen. Ji-hyuk runs in with one minute to spare, but in a split decisions, grabs Su-ah and get the hell out of there, ultimately forfeiting the contest.

The relationship between Ji-hyuk and Su-ah is developing so quickly. I like. Dramas tend to waste eons of time getting the characters to fall in love, and it becomes really annoying. So I like how quickly things are escalating.

And how great is it that they’re giving Seung-hoon depth? He supposed to be the antagonist in this, but he’s not one-sided. I like that. He’s not that antagonist-y yet, but we’ve got time to develop that area.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 2]

We start the second episode with the boys coming to their new school, still in their old uniforms. They’re treated like invading delinquents until they clarify (in the principal’s office) that they’re students. The principal lectures them on coming to school in the wrong uniform, acting as if he’s worried about the boys not fitting in because of their underprivileged backgrounds, which makes Ji-hyuk scoff.

The next scene is hilarious ‘cuz it’s almost straight out of a music video, complete with the slow motion walking through the halls. All the girls are practically swooning over them, and Su-ah’s friend introduces each member.

She describes leader Byung-hee as the scariest, badass, legendary performer, Ji-hyuk as the amazing guitarist with laser eyes, bassist Ha-jin as the playboy to out-play anyone, keyboardist Kyung-jong as the cutie who turns into a man on a dime, drummer Do-il as the beautiful but most mysterious, and second guitar Hyun-soo as the ice prince who “once froze a guy to death for talking to him.” XD Gawd I love that they each have their own menacing legend.

Then the friend goes on to say it’s best to avoid them. There’s a big difference between thinking they’re cool from afar, and the reality in front of your face, she says. Then they turn and close the door to their classroom, hoping that they’re not headed to their classroom. Like that’s going to happen.

Turns out Ji-hyuk and two of the other guys, Ha-jun and Hyun-soo, were assigned there. ‘Course, they’re not there very long before Byung-hee calls them out to the gym to deal with Seung-hoon’s buddy, Pyo-joo. But by the time they get there, the fight’s already over, with the rich kids all lying around and Byung-hee sitting on Pyo-joo. XD The other two admit they didn’t even do anything, just sat and watched Byung-hee kick ass.

Later on, the boys find out that the uniforms are about 300 bucks. Each. @___@ So they each go on to do various things to earn the money to buy six uniforms. Sheesh. $300 is a LOT of money, especially for a school uniform. Yeah, they’re nice uniforms, but STILL.

The next day Ji-hyuk runs into Su-ah, accidentally spitting his gum out onto her shoe. She demands an apology, which he doesn’t give, and instead bends down to pick the gum off her shoe, which startles her into speechlessness. Is it a spark? No, because he leaves without a word of apology, and she scoffs in disbelief. Oh well. We’ve got plenty of time.

The other guys have found the nice shiny practice room, but it’s claimed by Strawberry Field, Seung-hoon’s band. They have a guitar battle for the turf, until finally Seung-hoon suggests a battle of the bands to settle it.

They finally have enough money to buy the uniforms, and the next day they are hot topic around the school. Byung-hee immediately goes to show off to Su-ah, who really can’t do anything to avoid him. He grabs her hand and takes her to his buddies, finally telling her that she’s his muse. Heh. She’s confused, but just rolls with it, leaving as quickly as possible, though not before Byung-hee bites her hand to claim her as his. Pffft. You’re not a vampire, dude. Still, he follows her out and says they’re going on a date to a restaurant. And SHE’S paying because she’s rich. Not wanting to let on the real situation she’s in, she reluctantly pays. Geez, isn’t the gentleman supposed to pay? XD He takes her back to her supposed home, a rich apartment complex, and leaves after giving her a kiss on the cheek. So cute! why so cute? He walks away giggling like a little boy. It’s so adorable!

The next day Pyo-joo, Seung-hoon’s buddy, finds Gyung-hee and says he ordered a replacement drumset for the ones he smashed the other day, claiming to feel bad. Dude, no one believes you. He tells him to come alone to get them. As if THAT’S not suspicious. I think Byung-hee knows something’s fishy, but he doesn’t let on. Don’t go! Please don’t go! Something bad is going to happen!

He goes. *sigh* He calls Ji-hyuk on the way, in high spirits for some reason. Ji-hyuk can only laugh, nagging him to go home. Awww they’re like a married couple! I love these two! Please don’t separate them!

Su-ah happens to come outside while Ji-hyuk’s outside, and freaks to see him. Thinking she’s busted, she slinks over a little while later, asking him not to tell anyone. Ji-hyuk had assumed she was at a friend’s house, which makes her grimace when she realizes that she could have gotten away with it if she’d let it be. They have a chat outside, which is why Ji-hyuk doesn’t hear his phone ring when Byung-hee calls.

Speaking of which… Turns out it was a trap. But we all knew that. Pyo-joo doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body. He’s ambushed by a ton of other guys, and does a pretty good job of fending them off. That is, until Pyo-joo takes a bat to his head. T_T Nooooo!!! He still manages to stumble away, frantically calling Ji-hyuk. He’s bleeding profusely, which is a bad sign.

Of course, Ji-hyuk doesn’t answer, because he’s talking to Su-ah. In exchange for not telling anyone that she’s living in poverty, pretty much, he asks that she doesn’t play with Byung-hee’s heart, because he’s sincere. Awwww. She points out that Byung-hee’s the one who’s doing everything, saying that she’s never met anyone like him before. She says that he’s a little off, and that even when he’s smiling, he seems sad. I actually didn’t notice that. Looking back, I realize that it’s true… Ji-hyuk says he was like that even when they were little – that no one could see his insides, and that once you get to know him better… he’s still scary. XD Heh.

When he FINALLY goes inside and get the desperate voicemail Byung-hee left, he bolts, calling the gang out to search for their lost leader. They finally see him across the street, and he stumbles towards them, beaten and bloody. He smiles, shouting out Ji-hyuk’s name, which brings a smile to the latter’s face.

And then out of nowhere, a truck comes barreling into him at full speed.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Oh gawd, he’s not dead, is he? Please tell me he’s not dead! Please! Come on! Just this once! T_T

I knew something would have to happen to Byung-hee, since Lee Min-ki was just here for an extended cameo, but SERIOUSLY! Couldn’t they do something less, well, tragic? Granted, his dying would have a huge impact on pretty much everyone.

He grew on me, and I found myself thinking he was the main character. He had such a huge role, and I doubt anyone will be able to forget him at all during this show. Though I think that’s kind of the point.

But wasn’t that such an epic cameo? I mean, seriously! He’s only there for two short episodes, but those two episodes are enough to ingrain him in our memory. *sigh*

In memory of Byung-hee:

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 1]

I have a long list of dramas that I wasn’t going to see, but something changed my mind and I watched the first episode, got addicted, etc. Common story, when it comes to me and kdramas. This was one of them. I mean, seriously. Just the name sounded a bit… well, it didn’t really tempt me. I’m pretty sure the name “Flower Boy Band” appeals to a large audience, considering how most Asian pretty boys are often called “flower boys”. I think this sounds better in Korean, ‘cuz it sure as hell sounds stupid in English. XD But I’ve been immersed in enough of the culture to know this (the most famous case being F4, or Flower 4, from Boys Before Flowers). But it didn’t really… well.. I dunno. Didn’t interest me.

But,out of boredom, I ended up reading a recap of the first episode on Dramabeans, and my curiosity was piqued. So I watched the first two episodes.

I think I’ll be sticking with this one. It’s even good enough that I wanna recap it episode by episode. Heheh. So here’s goes.

Okay. I gotta admit, it has a lot of really pretty faces. This is a huge plus.

Here is our main cast, from left to right. Lee Min-ki plays Byung-hee, the leader and vocals of the band. Sung Joon plays Kwon Ji-hyuk the lead guitarist, as well as our main lead. L as Lee Hyun-soo, the second guitarist, Lee Hyun-jae as Jang Do-il, the drummer, Yoo Min-kyu as Kim Hs-jin, the bassist, and Kim Min-seok as Seo Kyung-jong, the keyboardist.

In actuality, Lee Min-ki is only here as an extended cameo, so I was a bit worried on how he would end up leaving the show. And I was right to be worried… But I’ll get to that later. First…

Showtime! The band, who’s name is Eye Candy (no really, it is), is giving a small concert, when the police barge in after some neighbors complain about the noise. The band scatters, half of them fleeing outside, while Byung-hee and Ju-hyuk get cornered on the second floor. So you know what they do to escape? They jump into the sea of girls below them and crowdsurf their way out. XD HA!

The next morning the band members all wake up in various places, three of which are in some random places, such as on a subway bench, in a pool hall, and some girl’s bed (and they were just sleeping… the innocent kind). Seems at least half the band don’t sleep at home. Broken families? Alright, Show…

Dongnae High School. This rundown high school is… well, rundown. I highly doubt any learning happens there, ‘cuz kids are just running around, sleeping, goofing off, you name it.

Turns out the school is closing down and is transferring the students to different schools. That would explain the lack of discipline. So the crew all gets transferred to the same school (oh how convenient and lucky they are), Jungsang High School, which is a high class rich place. And boy, is it purty. I would have LOVED to go to school there.

This may or may not be a good thing for our Eye Candy boys, because even though they’re hot stuff here at Dongnae, they’ll just be considered punks at Jungsang.

We switch over to Jungsang, where we meet our other main leads, Im Su-ah, played by Jo Boa, and Yoo Seung-hoon, played by Jung Eui-chul.

Word has spread that delinquents will be transferring to their school soon, but neither of them really care about this news. Instead, Seung-hoon playfully reminds Su-ah that his birthday is in two days. I get the feeling that they should be dating, a fact that Su-ah denies frequently when questioned by her best friend. The whole school seems to not believe her. But I’ll believe her, if I want to believe that she’s gonna become the main love interest in this drama.

She goes to a music store to buy a guitar as a present, mainly because she doesn’t really know what else to get him. He’s in a band, but he plays piano… So why are you buying him a guitar? Can he play the guitar? Anyways.

At the same time, our crew decides to head to the same music store to look at a new set of drums. This is where Byung-hee sees Su-ah. He’s immediately stricken, and decides on the spot that she’s going to be his muse. Heh. When he approaches her, he pretty much whispers in her ear, trying to sound seductive, I think (I don’t think it’s working) and announcing that she’s his muse now. She’s a little more than weirded out and confused by this random dude. Who would’t be?

Ji-hyuk ends up dragging him away in exasperation, and she leaves after receiving a call from her dad. Byung-hee’s more than a little disappointed that she’s gone, and the whole group ends up sitting on the sidewalk trying to find another muse. Low and behold, there’s Su-ah, who catches the notice of all the band members, especially Byung-hee. Only, when she trips, she falls into Ji-hyuk’s arms rather than his. HA! But Byung-hee calls this fate, and we know they’ll be seeing her again at school once they transfer. Of course, Ji-hyuk’s the one that says she’s not that great.

Due to kdrama cliche, we know that there is no way he’s escaping falling for her eventually after saying this. It is the Law of kdramas.

At Ji-hyuk’s rooftop room, the boys all have ramen, while looking at Byung-hee’s newest song, inspired by his new muse, musing (heheh c wut i did thar?) that it’s actually really good.

I also love how overly obsessed Byung-hee is about his guyliner. Because, boy is he obsessed with it, saying that “It’s teh essence of completing me.” XD

Across the way, Su-ah moves into the rooftop room there, clearly uncomfortable with the poor way she’s fallen. Seems her father’s debts have forced him to run, and her to hide out here for the time being. How convenient that she now just so happens to be neighbors with our main lead.

A while later, one of the other band members, Hyun-soo, manages to get a gig at a club, but it falls through. The band is disappointed, and since they’re already all dressed up, they decide to go and perform on the street in Daehakro, a neighborhood of Seoul known for being musical central.

At the same time, Seung-hoon nd his band, called Strawberry Fields, also head to a show of their own. They’re the posh kind, so going to Daehakro is a step down, but Seung-hoon is bored of the usual and wants to try something different. You see how utterly spoiled this boy is. It’s almost infuriating.

This is where Byung-hee sees Su-ah again, who’s there for Seung-ho’s show. He immediately runs and hugs her, and almost immediately Seung-hoon punches him off of her. Yikes. It escalates into a full on fight, though it’s not the rich kids fighting our Eye Candy boys- it’s the bouncers of some club… or maybe bodyguards… I dunno. The end result leaves the six boys lying on the ground, worse for wear.

And that’s how episode 1 ends.

I must say, my interest is peaked.

Cinderella’s Sister [Series Review]


So I finally got around to finishing this series. I’d started it a looooooooooong time ago (like, almost two years ago, before I went on hiatus to Europe for a year), but ended up putting it on hold because I got caught up in so many other dramas. Bad, I know. But I finally sat down and finished it. And about time too.

Cinderella’s Sister is a modern day adaptation of, whatayano, Cinderella. This story, however, has a twist, as our Cinderella is loved by everyone whereas her stepsister has a dark past and struggles with the fact that her mother starts to care more for Cinderella than her.

Our main character is the stepsister, Song Eun-jo (who eventually becomes Gu Eun-jo when her mom remarries). She is played by Moon Geun Young, and remarkably so. A cynical and shy young woman, Eun-jo is good at hiding her emotions and does not get attached to people easily. However, underlying that is a heart that just needs to be warmed and melted. She is skeptical of her stepfather’s kindness; however, she later realizes that it is genuine and this realization begins to break her hard exterior.

In the role of Cinderella, our second lead this time around, is Gu Hyo-sun, played by Seo Woo. Hyo-sun is a gentle and brilliant girl who has been treated like a princess her entire life. She has this sort of happy-go-lucky character that can get a bit annoying, but it’s cute at the same time the way she clings to people. Hyo-sun has grown up without a mother, and lacks the care of one. She is a lonely child, so when she learns that she’ll be getting a new mother and sister, she becomes excited. When her new family members are different from what she expected, it takes a toll on her. Hyo-seon is slightly spoiled and becomes jealous of her new stepsister.

Our Prince Charming (or not so charming or princely) is Hong Ki-hoo, played by Chun Jung Myung. He is a gentle and kind person, and sees much of himself in Eun-jo. He is the illegitimate son of a wealthy family, who doesn’t acknowledge him as part of the family. The Hong family is the big baddie of the series, the corporation always trying to ruin things for our leads. Ki-hoon keeps his connection to the Hong family a secret. It seems he is a spy sent by his family, and because of this, is forced to do some pretty bad stuff to the Gu family, even if he doesn’t want to.

Perhaps one of my favorite characters, and our Fairy Godmother, is Han Jung-woo, played by Taecyeon. Jeong-woo is the adopted son of one of Song Kang-sook’s ex-lovers. Eun-jo is the first person to care for him when he was a child, which creates a deep affection for her. Jeong-woo finds Eun-jo at the winery 8 years later in order to be near her and declare his love for her. Jeong-woo is selfless and reliable and always cares for Eun-jo.

This was a slow story to follow. The first half was amazing and drew me in, but the latter half… not so much. Hence why I put it off for so long. It was definitely dramatic, and Moon Geun-young was simply amazing in the role of Eun-jo. I got bored in some episodes, because things were So. Slow. Seriously. They would linger on one issue and take forever to get through it and on to something new. Once I finished it, I didn’t get that satisfied feeling I normally get. To be honest, the ending was complete rubbish. It just left me saying “Really, Show? Really?”

Overall, the drama is a good one, but it’s not one I’d watch again. I really did enjoy the small moments we got between the sistersand between the father and, well, pretty much EVERYONE.

Speaking of which. I absolutely ADORED Gu Dae-sung. OMG. Kim Kap-su is an amazing actor, and he made me wish Gu Dae-sung was MY dad. I think his death is what made me cry the most in the whole series.

Yeah, the series wasn’t perfect and had it’s faults, but it was enjoyable to watch. It has a LOT of angst in it, so if you’re not someone who deals with angst, then this isn’t a show for you. There’s barely any comedy in it, and even the romance aspect is barely played out.

Yeah, we had our main couple, Eun-jo and Ki-hoon, but I didn’t find myself really caring about their relationship. I wasn’t particularly upset when they were apart, wasn’t particularly overjoyed when they were together. To be honest, I would have preferred Eun-jo having ended up with Jeong-woo, because he was adorable and was, like, perfect boyfriend material. Ki-hoon… not so much. I didn’t hate him, but I really couldn’t care less about him, especially after the role he played in Dae-sung’s death. Eh. I don’t think it was the show’s intent to alienate its audience from the lead couple. Or maybe I’m just weird. Wouldn’t be a first. *shrugs*

So yeah. That’s about it. Good show, don’t really care to see it again.