Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 13]

How can everything fall apart so quickly? It’s scary, really.

We left off at that stupid cliffhanger. I hate reporters. They make everything so complicated. I especially hate this reporter, because he’s opening the floodgates to disaster, and he’s having a field day doing it.

So what was Ji-hyuk’s answer? No, he’s not living with the girl, but yes, he does have a girlfriend. This shocks everyone, especially the band. You can just see the betrayal on their faces. Things are going to get nasty.

It’s not hard to guess that the girl is Su-ah. At school she’s eyed with judging eyes. When Seung-hoon approaches her, pretty much begging her to deny it. But she merely nods.

More consequences for the boys. Hae-ri announces that all of their activities have been halted. She tells Ji-hyuk point-blank that because of this scandal, Eye Candy is pretty much ruined. It’s his fault. It only registers then in Ji-hyuk, and he’s left stunned.

They’re confined to their dorm, but as soon as they arrive, Ji-hyuk heads out to find Su-ah, despite the protestations of the other guys. It’s no surprise that he finds reporters lying in wait at his rooftop room. He calls Su-ah and tells her not to go back there. Crap. Now she’s homeless. Again. Time for Seung-hoon to step in with that room he offered?

The boys guess immediately that it’s Su-ah, feeling that betrayal. Why didn’t he tell them? He can only apologize for not telling them. And they’re right to be furious. He pretty much betrayed them.

Do-il just makes it worse by stating the terrible truth: Ji-hyuk didn’t trust them. He goes to say: “I’m really disappointed in you.”  Oof.

At school reporters are questioning the students about the identity of the girlfriend, who reportedly goes to the same school. Most feign ignorance, and when one student hesitantly gives Su-ah’s name, Su-ah’s best friend swoops in to deny the claim.

Hyun-soo is called n for a recording session, which just so happens to be for Ye-rim’s duet. Hyun-soo declines quickly, but Hae-ri says it’s only for the guide, since they haven’t found someone to do the second part. He reluctantly agrees. His initial surprise at hearing her voice slowly starts to change to interest, and it’s obvious that he’s starting to enjoy himself just a bit. Uh oh… Foreboding…

Seung-hoon goes to Hae-ri and practically begs her to stop the scandal from getting worse. Hae-ri is surprised, knowing how much he hates Eye Candy, but he says that other people could get hurt too. The only other person who could get hurt is the girlfriend. Hae-ri connects the dots, guessing that Su-ah is the girlfriend. This is one case where I am totally on his side. Please, you witch, stop the scandal! If not for Eye Candy, do it for your little brother and his one-sided love!

Hyun-soo and Ye-rim get stuck having dinner alone because Hae-ri backed out last minute. Ye-rim’s thrilled, Hyun-soo… not so much. He gets his excuse to leave, which is a call from the hospital. Oh crap. He bolts out, but can’t get a cab, so is forced to take Ye-rim’s offer when she pulls up in her van offering him a ride. We can tell it’s something really bad, from the way he fidgets and frowns (moreso than usual, that is).

Being the silent and brooding type that he is, Hyun-soo doesn’t tell his fellow band members what’s going on in his personal life, so it takes a phone call from his mom for Ji-hyuk to find out, who takes the call for Hyun-soo, who is busy. Well, at least one person knows now, right? RIGHT?!

But it might be a problem if the other guys don’t know… Case in point:

Ha-jin and Kyung-jong are back at the studio, chatting with Ye-rim, when Kyung-jong recognizes Hyun-soo’s voice on the track, which Ye-rim confirms. To make matters worse, Seung-hoon tacks on that Hyun-soo’s preparing for a solo album. Dammit, I take back every nice word I said about you, Seung-hoon.

Ha-jin flies home in a rage, accusing Hyun-soo of going solo, and calling him a traitor. Hyun-soo confronts those accusations, but Ha-jin refuses to trust him, since he never tells anyone what’s going on in his life.

And then… My worst nightmare comes true.

Ha-jin says exactly what I’ve been dreading, the thing that was foreboding the minute it was said. What breaks up a band? Money and girls.

With  glare at Ji-hyuk, he scoffs that what their teacher/manager said was true after all. T_T I knew that was foreboding.

Even when Ji-hyuk approaches Hyun-soo later on about his sister, he’s tight-lipped and refuses to talk about it. Hyun-sooooooooooooooooo! Why are you so frustrating?!

Ji-hyuk meets Su-ah by the river (where nothing good happens, I might add), where she wonders if they should break up, to avoid anymore scandals and such. Ji-hyuk refuses to hear of it, giving her a hug and saying she’s no trouble to him at all.

Ha-jin gets into a fight, which lands in the newspaper, along with the story that Do-il’s dad is a mob boss.

Emotions fly high, nasty comments are thrown between the band members, and things are looking more and more dreadful as we approach rock bottom.

Ji-hyuk goes to see Hae-ri, and, knowing that at this point, there’s no hope for Eye Candy, asks her to take Hyun-soo on with a solo contract. But Hyun-soo won’t leave his friends, as she points out. So Ji-hyuk will make him leave.

Oh no. Ji-hyuk, what are you going to do? You’re scaring me.

And sure enough, he plays the noble idiot. He finds Hyun-soo at the pool hall with Do-il. He plays the bad cop, saying that Hae-ri offered a contract on the condition that he would break up with Su-ah, something he couldn’t do. This angers Hyun-soo, who demands to know if he’s choosing a girl over the album, and therefore the band. Ji-hyuk just says that Su-ah is more important to him that the guys are.

It breaks my heart so much to see Hyun-soo’s little faith in Ji-hyuk wiped away in an instant, especially since he’s practically begging Ji-hyuk to explain himself, something that Ji-hyuk stubbornly refuses to do.

And he just lets Hyun-soo punch him repeatedly before stalking home to pack his bags.


Kyung-jong begs him not to leave, but Do-il is still smarting, and tells him to leave. Hae-ri calls to say that the solo offer is still available.

When Do-il asks Ji-hyuk if he really had to go that far, Ji-hyuk says simply that if he hadn’t, Hyun-soo wouldn’t have left.

And then he breaks into tears.

Back home in his room, Hyun-soo also breaks into tears.



If things don’t get better soon, I think I’m going to die of depression.

The one thing I’m trying desperately to cling to at this point is that Do-il knows that not all is what it seems with Hyun-soo. That he’s not leaving because he wants to, but because Ji-hyuk is forcing him to. And at the same time, understands why Ji-hyuk is pushing him away.

If things don’t get better, I swear…


King 2 Hearts [Ep. 15]

A breath of relief. That’s what this episode brought me.

Where we left off, the Americans had both keys, but no boat. Kekeke…

So is there another way to win? Yes, in fact, there are several ways. The one Jae-ha chooses? Destroy the other team’s equipment, cutting them off from supplies and all communication, leaving them incapacitated.

Thing is, in order to destroy all that, they need real explosives… And real explosives mean that someone could get seriously hurt, or worst case scenario, die. And most likely spark a war. A bit risky, don’tcha think?

But that’s what they decide to go with, and guess who makes the explosives? Yup. Jae-ha. Seems like he spent most of his time in the army making bombs out of everyday items. Reason? “Because I was bored.” XD His playing around in the army is finally paying off!

The rest of the team set about their task of drawing off the team members, and manage to whittle the American team down to three men, having taken out two members and Kang-seok having led the third too far away to be any good to his team members. Also, one of the three is currently held hostage (a reversal, since he was Young-bae’s captor before), leaving two hunkering down in their bunker.

So they need to draw them out in order to negotiate. Their strategy is to get the Americans to surrender, and if not, blow up their bunkers. Their solution: use the hostage. However, only one guy comes out. Jae-ha sneaks into the bunker while Hang-ah tries to negotiate. He makes the call to ignite the bomb, manages to catch the remaining guy by surprise, but fails to get the guy to back away from the wall closest to the bunker that’s about to get blown up. Then it blows up, knocking the guy down from the blast. Luckily the guy’s just unconscious.

This of course catches the Americans by surprise, who call foul play, saying explosives weren’t allowed. Hang-ah corrects him: they’re allowed to use anything they can find.

It seems the blast knocked out all the communication, so Hang-ah has no way of communicating with Jae-ha to know if he’s set the last bomb and is out safely. And the minutes before the deadline d are ticking by very quickly…

She keeps trying to negotiate, and blows up their armory. Their headquarters are next. But those dang Americans, they never back down. (Funny thing is, I’m American myself and SHOULD be rooting for them… But how can I, when there’s Jae-ha and Hang-ah’s marriage on the line here?)

Jae-ha’s inside fumbling around trying to set up the bomb as fast as possible, hands shaking the whole while (stop it!). And here I am, just a nervous wreck. We all know that bomb-disabling is nerve-wracking. Who ever would have thought bomb-assembling could be just as nerve-wracking? Sheesh.

There’s only one or two minutes left, and Hang-ah still hasn’t pressed the button, not sure if Jae-ha has gotten out or not. Finally in the last second, she presses the button and blows the place up. She immediately screams for Je-ha and runs to the bunker, desperate to find him, while thinking the worst.

When he finally answers, she’s crying like a baby. Like a good fiancee-to-be, he gives her a comforting hug. Awwwwwww.

So we’ve had a nice dose of war games. Let’s catch up with everyone else.

Shi-kyung is still reeling from his meeting with Bong-gu, where Mia (the crazy chocolate lady) made threats, implying how much she enjoyed watching Jae-shin suffer in terror. He goes for a run, but when he trips over a traffic cone, his emotions finally escape and falls to his knees, screaming in anger.


But seriously, this is the first time I’ve seen so much emotion come from him, like, EVER. That’s more emotion he’s than he’s displayed in the whole SERIES. Moar please!

Jae-shin saw the whole thing, and later on calls him to the greenhouse, saying that she’ll return to therapy. It’s scary how he says she doesn’t have to. It scares Jae-shin, too, because she demands to know if he’s given up on her. He can only stammer a no.

She switches tactics and says, “I like you.”


“The world’s most frustrating and un-fun, one leader of the royal guard… I like him.” XD I love this girl. He’s speechless, his mouth actually hanging open. When he tries to speak, his mouth moves, but nothing comes out. This boy is just so cute. When he finally finds words, he can only stammer that she must have a lot of psychological trauma right now, and must be having a hard time. XD

And she actually agrees with him. XD She was having a hard time, and so she threw tantrums to keep him by her side. “And then I realized… ah, I like this person. So don’t give up on me. I’ll be courageous like you. I’ll become a woman who befits you.”

Everyone, a collective awwwwww please.


I love these two. ❤


And so begins her road to becoming the confident young woman she was before her accident. Her first step (well, roll, if you want to be technical…) is to go to the peace conference where Bong-gu is making his pretty speech against the Korean monarchy. (Can I punch him now?)

Jae-shin takes the podium, surprising everyone, especially Bong-gu, and calls him out on his words. Shi-kyung races to the hall, but finds her confident and poised, like a true monarch should be.

Her point is that peace has to be made little by little, and to prove her point, she takes a pair of crutches and stands up on her own. She can only hold herself up for about ten minutes, but she says that one day she will be able to stand, on her own. Just like herself, Korea will take small step towards peace and re-unification.

Cue thunderous applause, and Bong-gu fuming. In yo FACE!

Back at the war games, a decision is finally made, and the Korean team is victorious in their win (some debate over whether their win was fair play, or something, kept them waiting for a few days for the results). Yay! We also find out that they won against Russia in Round 1, but lost against Egypt in Round 3, ending up with 4th place. But it was most important that they pass the first round.

In a hilarious interlude, Bong-gu calls Shi-kyung, greeting him with “Hello, this is Rotten Cookies.” Pfffft. XD He then asks what Shi-kyung likes about Jae-ha so much. He says there’s no difference between him and Jae-ha. Shi-kyung just hangs up. XD

But Bong-gu calls again, this time with something up his sleeve. He asks if he trusts his father. Crapcrapcrap. We don’t hear the rest of the conversation, so we’re left biting our nails, torn on whether we want him to know, or to protect him from that hurtful knowledge until the end.

Bong-gu requests a meeting with Jae-ha, which the latter complies.

Bong-gu says that they both lost a lot; Jae-ha a brother, Bong-gu a hundred billion dollars. So they should call it even and stop their one-upping game.

Really? Money is just as important as a brother? This guy has a few screws loose, man.

Bong-gu keeps on going. He says they’re similar. Jae-ha shoots back that though they may be similar in some respects (e.g. they both shot their girlfriend), they’re different in that he feels remorse for it. Jae-ha has a conscience, at least. Bong-gu has nothing except himself.

He proceeds to compare Bong-gu to a dog-pig (which I guess is a metaphor for anything sub-human).

When Bong-gu asks if he’s still going to fight, and Jae-ha affirms it. The guy then asks if Jae-ha is going to attack the front line, something that clearly makes the guy giddy in some way or another.

Jae ha’s response? “No, I’m just going to ignore you.” XD That’s the opposite of what Bong-gu wants, because we all know that the guy likes to show off. Like, a LOT. He’s left seething, but leaves congratulating Jae-ha on his engagement. Uh oh… I smell a threat. So does Jae-ha, who glares at him as he leaves. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

FINALLY, it’s time for the engagement. It only TOOK 15 episodes to get here. Jeez. Could you be any slower? Wait, don’t answer that… I don’t want to jinx it.

The ceremony is taking place outside, and Hang-ah and Jae-ha arrive in a convertible, and when the ceremony starts, and familiar voice rings out.

Awwwwwww it’s Big Oppa! Jae-kang, I missed you!

The MC announces that the late king had recorded his rehearsals (no doubt expecting to be there for the ceremony in person). Through the video, he’ll be presiding over the engagement. *sniff*

Now, an engagement ceremony in Korea is nothing like one in America. Do we even have those? I don’t think so… But the engagement ceremony is pretty much like a second wedding… A pre-wedding, so to speak. It’s just as formal and elaborate as a wedding (which means they pretty much get to have two weddings… Lucky).

Jae-kang asks them each to vow to uphold their duties to the country and to its people, and they answer yes. And then he asks them for one last promise, as a couple representing a union between North and South Koreas – will they do everything in their power to rid this country of war, and even in war, promise to stand united? They both promise, and Jae-kang smiles. He knew they would! Awwww!

Somewhere in crazyville, Bong-gu plays Tarot, cackling over a Queen of Swords, and a King of Swords. I guess that means something bad and ominous? I don’t know much about Tarot, as much as I want to learn. The music tells us that it’s a bad thing. I think it’s safe to trust the music on this one. It hasn’t failed us yet…

But SERIOUSLY. It took FOREVER to get to this point. I love how all the characters are developing, especially Jae-shin and Shi-kyung. I seriously think that they may be my favorite couple. They’re certainly giving Jae-ha and Hang-ah a run for their money…

In this episode, I think Jae-shin grew the most, with Shi-kyung following close behind. Her determination to fight back was one of the best things of this episode (besides the engagement ceremony, of course). And Shi-kyung’s burst of emotions? Priceless. Over the course of the 15 episodes we’ve seen his straight-laced, un-fun attitude start to slip away as feeling for Jae-shin started to form. Now all we need is for him to acknowledge that they exist, not run away from them. That’s part of the reason why I loved Jae-shin so much in this episode. Not only did she stand up to the bad guy, she acknowledged her feelings for Shi-kyung, and confessed them. I love it when a girl takes charge over her feelings. I think she learned something from Hang-ah…

So we’ve gotten a nice episode with lots of good things, but enough foreboding things to keep us worried and on our toes. Will that Tarot reading have any significance, I wonder? Reminds me of a couple episodes back when Bong-gu’s little blue ball trick ended with Korea going up against the US.

Foreboding… I hate it. *sigh*

The Musical [Ep. 7-9]

(Small note: I’ve been referring to our male lead as “Jae-yi” up until now, but I think his name is actually “Jae-hee” so I’ll be referring to him as “Jae-hee” from now on.)

Well, lots of stuff happens in the course of these three episodes, some of it good, most of it bad.

So at this point in the drama, everyone’s getting all ready to put on Chungdamdong Gumiho, a musical that Jae-hee wrote the score for. Kang-hee and Eun-bi are double-casting the main role. Eek, that’s gotta be more than a bit intimidating for Eun-bi. There’s no denying that she’s not a particularly outstanding singer, and she knows it. But this is pretty much a dream come true for her, being on the same stage as her idol. Sucks if it’s gets taken away, huh?

‘Cuz that’s exactly what happens. Yoo-jin and Co. get notice that Count Monte (The Count of Monte Cristo) is coming to Korea, and Kang-hee is wanted for the lead role. I get some satisfaction that Yoo-jin isn’t particularly pleased to have to drop Gumiho in order to do Count Monte; before, he would have dropped it like a hot potato. I’m fairly sure this change in him has something to do with Eun-bi.

This puts everyone down in the dumps. Though Gumiho is just being postponed until the following year, it’s still a huge setback for the entire cast. But without money they can’t put the show on.

But Jae-hee gets an awesome idea. If all they need is money, he can get that, AND an investor. Hell yeah! It’s back on! And it’s gonna go against Count Monte? Ooh fun.

Of course, Eun-bi and everyone else don’t know this little tidbit yet (in fact, I think at this point, only Jae-hee knows), so they’re all pretty angry. Eun-bi is particularly bitter about it, so when Yoo Jin calls her to give her his reasons for backing out, she’s rightfully angry at him. She also wonders why he bothered to call her out separately to tell her, which i think is something he doesn’t entirely know himself. Ra-kyung also heard the majority of this conversation, and wonders the same thing. You can see it on her face that she’s becoming more worried that Yoo Jin might be interested in Eun-bi. This is going to be painful, isn’t it? But at the same time, she’s more than relieved that Chungdamdong Gumiho is being dropped, because it means Eun-bi won’t be around Yoo Jin anymore.

The rest of the cast is offered roles in Count Monte, which is an amazing chance for all of them, though everyone’s still conflicted about Gumiho.

Jae-hee surprises Gu-jak, the director of the musical, with the news that he’s found an investor, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company. The chairman will fund the musical, with the condition that one of his idols (who is disgustingly… well, let’s just say she acts quite immature for her age) gets a main role.

Now, I know there’s supposed to be some sense of romance in this shabang, but Eun-bi has been so adamant about not intermingling romance with musicals that it’s been a dead end for Jae-hee. He even tries to kiss her (more than once, I might add) but is never successful, sighing that he’ll wait for her to develop feelings for him. Why am I suddenly reminded of Kang-hee’s feelings for Jae-hee? Though technically they’re the same situation, since these two are our leads, it’s oddly sweet instead. Though, if I think about it, Kang-hee’s trying to force Jae-hee to like him again, whereas Jae-hee is just going to wait for Eun-bi. There’s a difference.

Just to prove how annoying this investor will be in the future, we finally meet the idol. She’s disgustingly cute with the chairman, it it’s obvious that she’s going to suck at the whole musical thing.

Blerg. Makes me want to vomit.

The news that Gumiho is back on spreads to all the cast members, who are quick to abandon the Count Monte ship and come back, which set off the alarm bells for Yoo Jin, Kang-hee and Sang-won. Yeah, that’s right. You’d better be worried, ‘cuz they’re gonna totally do better than you guys.

…Even though Count Monte is a high-end musical with loads of popularity, a hugely popular actress as the lead, and loads of money behind them. Yeah… Maybe I’m hoping for too much.

Gu-jak is quick to spend the money that they’ve acquired so suddenly, on a nice theater and a famed lighting director. Dude, be frugal with that money. You never know what might happen in the future. “Frugal” apparently is not in Gu-jak’s vocabulary. *sigh* This is going to become a problem in the future, won’t it?

Kang-hee’s suspicions aren’t going away, so she calls Eun-bi over. She’s still following the same plan of keeping Eun-bi away from Jae-hee, and I’m pretty sure she’s guessed by now that Gumiho is back on. So what does she do?

She asks Eun-bi to be her understudy in count Monte.

Oh holy mother of- CRAAAAAAAAAAP. That is a MAJOR offer, one not to be taken lightly. It’s a huge chance for Eun-bi, one that she probably won’t get in the future. And it’s tempting, holy crap it’s tempting.

Eun-bi rejects the offer, to our relief, knowing that Kang-hee’s motives aren’t exactly pure. I’m glad you know it, girl. Otherwise I think I might just have to kick for being so stupid and naive.

Side note: I recognize the house Kang-hee lives in; it’s the exact same house used in Myung-wol The Spy. That’s right; it’s Kang-woo’s house. Heh. I love that they reuse houses in other dramas. Next thing you know, there will be a character page in DramaWiki (or AsianWiki or just plain old Wiki) for houses that are used in multiple dramas. Hey, it’s not a far shot! Dogs now have their own profile pages. I’m serious! Here’s the proof.

Back on topic. Another problem comes up: the idol, Jessie, wants Eun-bi kicked out of the production and replaced with someone more famous. She refuses to even practice until Eun-bi’s gone. And if she isn’t in the production, the chairman won’t back them. So either Eun-bi goes, or Jessie goes, taking the investor with her. *gnashes teeth*

So what is Eu-bi’s bright idea?  She quits the musical. *sigh* Sadly, it IS the only way Gumiho will be put on the stage. But it was written specifically for Eun-bi, so it’s reason for existence is a moot point now.

Now that she’s no longer in a musical, Eun-bi’s depressed (as I would be, too). The thing that cheers her up? Seeing a musical, of course! I think it’s Aladdin, though I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it looked good. Jae-hee knows where to find her, and sits waiting in the car (it’s raining cats and dogs), hoping to catch her when she comes out. Only, when she does come out, it’s with Yoo Jin, who bought her ticket. Jae-hee can only look on unhappily as they run to Yoo Jin’s car under his jacket, looking awfully close…

It seems that she finally came to a decision, because she arrives at Kang-hee’s place, and says she’d like to accept the role of being the understudy.

*sigh* I’m not particularly happy about this, but at the same time, it’s good for Eun-bi, that she even had soemthing she could fall back to should something happen. And being the understudy isn’t bad. Sure, it’s the bottom, but she’s got an in now, and can work her way up.

It’s just… I really wanted to see Chungdamdong Gumiho on stage, with Eun-bi in the lead role. Maybe we’ll still get to see it. We’ve got six more episodes to go. Perhaps something will happen to change the tide? That would be nice…

This is just an after thought. The actress who plays Kang-hee has an amazing voice. There’s no denying it. And she had better; Ock Joo-hyun is a musical actress in real life. Y’know what’s even cooler? She played the main role in Count of Monte Cristo, in real life. So doing it again in the drama is really cool. We didn’t get to hear a full performance of one of the songs from Count Monte in the show, but it’s easy to find on Youtube. And man, it’s good. She’s been in other stuff too, like Cats and Chicago.

Shining Inheritance [Ep. 1-5]

Shining Inheritance, also called Brilliant Legacy. I’m not exactly sure why I decided to start this series. It was random chance, I think, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I recognized several of the actors in it.

The main characters are played by Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-ki. Our second leads are played by Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won. Our resident baddy (okay, maybe “baddy” isn’t the right word for her…) is played by Kim Mi-sook. Quite the cast, huh?

I know Han Hyo-joo from Iljimae. That’s the only drama I’ve ever seen her in. So in my mind, she’s this perfect little lady in a hanbok from the Joseon Dynasty. This image made it hard for me to imagine her in anything contemporary. I was really curious to see how she dealt with a modern role. And I must say, she’s doing a pretty good job. She has flaws, which is a nice change, since her character in Iljimae, Eun Chae, was pretty much perfect. As in, little to no flaws. Though I really didn’t mind it so much, because it fit the story. But now she’s got lots of flaws, and I’m loving this side of her.

Lee Seung-ki is another matter altogether. He’s a good actor, but I’ve only ever seen him play one type of character, and that’s the spoiled rich boy with an attitude. King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. In both he’s a spoiled rich kid. So the fact that in this drama, he’s, once again, a spoiled rich kid disappoints me. I want to see him stretch his wings and plays a character we haven’t seen yet. But I must say, he does play the spoiled rich brat very well, so I know he’ll do just fine in this drama.

I first saw Bae Soo-bin in Jumong, which is a personal favorite of mine, and holds a special place in my heart, being the second kdrama I’d ever seen. But the thing is, I barely remember his character at all. I remember seeing him, but I can never remember what he did. The only other drama I’ve seen him in is 49 Days, which is another personal favorite. Of course, he was the main antagonist of the show, though he did show signs of being a second lead towards the end (interestingly enough). I know he’s a great actor, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he interprets his second-lead position. I really hope I don’t get the Second Lead Syndrome (S.L.S.) in this drama, because otherwise my heart will break by the end of it. I’m not too worried, since I do really like Lee Seung-ki.

To round out our love rectangle, we have Moon Chae-won. Now, I don’t know very much about her, because I haven’t finished any dramas that she’s in. I’ve started Painter of the Wind, as well as The Princess’s Man, but right now they’re on hold, since I have so many dramas I’m watching. I also started Please Take Care of the Young Lady, but it lost my interest fairly quickly. So the only knowledge I have of her acting is what I’ve seen in the few episodes I’ve seen of the first two. Not much to go by. She’s alright. Nothing too amazing, though. I’m giving her leeway, though, since I haven’t seen a full entire drama she’s in. This will be the first, so I’m hoping that she does well. I’m liking her character so far, and I already get the feeling that I’m going to hate hating her, because I’ll like her so much. Unless her character does something to change my mind, which is always a possibility.

Kim Mi-sook. *sigh* I really don’t know what to think of her. To be honest, I can’t say how many times I’ve gotten her mixed up with Lee Mi-sook. Not only are their first names the same, they look a bit similar as well. I’ve only seen her in City Hunter, which is my all-time favorite drama, hands down. I know she’s in Golden Bride, which I’ve been making my way through slowly, but I don’t really remember her enough to judge her by that. I would normally be thrilled that she’s in such a different role compared to City Hunter, where she was the kind, yet tragic mother of our main lead. Here she’ll be playing the cold and mean step-mother of our lead. But for some reason I can’t. I think it’s mostly because Kim Mi-sook and Lee mi-sook blend together in my mind so much, and I keep seeing the kind-yet-tragic mother from Love Rain, and the cold-hearted mother from Cinderella’s Sister. It really bugs me that I’m having a hard time telling the two apart. Anyways. I’m trying my best to separate the two actresses, so that I can judge Kim Mi-sook’s acting fairly.

The story revolves around Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo), who was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother, Eun Woo, to the United States to study music. Sun-Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), who was also studying in New York, was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother, Jang Sook Ja, to learn how to manage her food company. Eun Sung and Hwan, who were on the same flight back home, accidentally had their luggage bags exchanged, which led to several misunderstandings between the two of them. Go Pyung Joong, Eun Sung’s father, struggled to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his wallet and valuables were stolen by a thief who subsequently died in a gas explosion accident. The police, upon finding Go’s belongings on the thief, mistakenly identified the thief as Go and a death certificate for Go was promptly issued. Go decided to lie low and not tell his family that he was alive so that his family could claim his life insurance money and use it to clear the debts.

However his second wife, Baek Sung Hee, kicked her stepchildren, Eun Sung and Eun Woo, out of the house after collecting the insurance money and moved into a new home with her daughter, Yoo Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won). Eun Sung asked for help from several of her friends, including her senior, Hyung Jin, who avoided her because she was no longer rich. She managed to find a job at a nightclub with the help of her friend, Hye Ri. At the nightclub, Eun Sung met Hyung Jin’s senior, Park Joon Se (Bae Soo Bin), who was shocked to see her working there. She also met Hwan, who caused her to lose contact with Eun Woo. Realising that Eun Woo was missing, Eun Sung was devastated and tried searching for her brother but to no avail. With the help of Hye Ri and Joon Se, Eun Sung rented a small room and started a small dumplings stall while continuing her search for Eun Woo.

Meanwhile, Jang became deeply disappointed in Hwan as Hwan had no direction in life and did not know how to cherish her company and employees. While pondering over what to do about her grandson, Jang visited a neighborhood that she used to live in when she was poor and encountered Eun Sung who was selling dumplings. Jang met with an accident and received help from Eun Sung. Jang, seeing that Eun Sung tried her best to take care of her even when she could not afford her own daily expenses, was touched by Eun Sung’s compassion. Jang brought Eun Sung home and announced to her family that Eun Sung was going to live with them and that she was going to appoint Eun Sung as the heir of her food company. (DramaWiki)

I’m not completely hooked, but I’m intrigued enough to continue watching it. There are 28 episodes in total, which means there’s enough time for a few episodes of back-story. For this reason, I won’t recap the first five episodes, since we only just got to the main plot. Now I will just sit back and enjoy this series.

The Musical [Ep. 1-6]

I’m going to have fun with this drama. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about this show. I saw the first episode, and it was really kind of embarrassing. I was embarrassed for the main lead, and all the embarrassing situations she get herself in. But it improved exponentially in the next episode and sucked me in.

I must say, I’m more attracted by the supporting cast than the main cast. Heh.

Our main cast:

Ku Hye-sun as Go Eun-bi, an aspiring musical actress.

Daniel Choi as Hong Jae-yi, a composer who once wrote songs for musicals, but now writes pop songs.

Park G-woong as Yoo Jin, an investor in the musical industry.

Ok Joo-hyun as Be Kang-hee, a well-known and talented musical actress.

Ki Eun-se as Seo Ra-kyung, Yoo Jin’s girlfriend and partner at work.

It’s a musical drama, and there is music. And the music is good. I love it when the actors can actually sing.

I’m too lazy, really, to sum up all 6 episodes, so I’ll just talk about things I enjoyed about them.

Right now, I must say my favorite character is Yoo Jin. When we first see him, his cold attitude made me dislike him. He’s very business-savvy, and all he really cares about are numbers, and the money the musicals he invests in brings him. He’s a business man, and does what one does best: business. I don’t think he’s a very sociable person. But over the course of the six episodes, you slowly start to see that facade slip away the more he’s around Eun-bi. I can already sense a love triangle coming up. Right now, he’s intrigued by her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts falling for her.

Which is really tragic for his girlfriend, Ra-kyung. Now, I love Ra-kyung. She’s such a sweet girl, and she truly loves Yoo Jin. But I’m not sure about his feelings for her. I mean, we see the outward appearance of affections as well as his words, but his actions don’t show it. Take, for one instance: at training camp, she accidentally gets pushed into the fire, and he just stands by and watches as another man swoops in to her rescue. Not much of a boyfriend. I really want Ra-kyung to be happy, and I don’t think she’ll be happy with him.

Another relationship that breaks my heart is that of Kang-hee and her husband, Sang-won. I really don’t like Kang-hee, but I love Sang-won. He’s a good guy, and it sucks that he ended up with Kang-hee. He really loves her, and only his marriage is keeping her with him. Because she loves none other than our male lead, Jae-yi, whom she had an affair with while she was engaged to Sang-won. What breaks my heart is that Sang-won is completely aware that Kang-hee still loves Jae-yi, and even lets them have time alone. That breaks my heart. It’s also part of the reason I don’t like Kang-hee. She’s got a husband that loves her; can’t she let go of Jae-yi, who has long gotten over her and moved on? She’s freakin’ MARRIED already! And he’s already got feelings for Eun-bi.

That’s something that surprised me, actually. Jae-yi started liking her early on, like in the third or fourth episode. That’s something new. Usually, if the main character is a girl, it’s her who falls for the male lead first, not the other way around. But here, she sees him merely as a sunbae-nim, her respected teacher.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that he pays special attention to her, which leads to jealousy from Kang-hee, who does her best to keep them apart. Her solution: occupy all of Eun-bi’s time so that she can’t spend it with Jae-yi. Smart lady. Eun-bi’s only too glad to go along with her, since she’s looked up to the actress ever since she saw her first musical.

I’m not sure we can really call it a love triangle. I’m not even sure one exists yet. I think there need to be feelings first. Kang-hee likes Jae-yi; Jae-yi likes Eun-bi; Eun-bi likes musicals.  Not much of a triangle. I mean, no one is reciprocating! I’ll consider it a triangle when a) Eun-bi starts reciprocating Jae-yi’s feelings, or b) Yoo Jin falls for Eun-bi. Until then, the triangle (or rectangle, or pentagon, or hexagon, depending on whether you include the aforementioned four as well as Ra-kyung and Sang-won) is a moot point.

…Okay, maybe it’s starting to form. *sigh* Things are going to get complicated very quickly.

But overall, I’m really enjoying this series. The music is good, the actors can sing fairly well (though I’m not overly excited about Ku Hye-sun’s voice… it’s not that special). The acting is very well done so far, and the story is pretty good, too. So I’m happy.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 12]

I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode. Crazy stuff happens that just drive me nuts, but we also finally get Eye Candy’s second single, which I fell in love with, and am now listening to on repeat.

So. Seung-hoon is their new producer. Crapfest. The boys don’t take it very well, though Seung-hoon’s all adult-like about it, painting the boys as child-like. Are you trying to make us not like you even more?

The band really don’t want to work with him, but they have no choice, because in order to back out, they need to pay three times the contract. Which they can’t, of course. Hyun-soo goes to practice, not wanting to be humiliated in front of Seung-hoon. That’s a good attitude! Boys, follow his lead!

A while later the band minus Hyun-soo gather to record, and are shocked by the news that they will be recording separately. And Hyun-soo had already come in and done his part in one go. Practicing pays off, man.

But it ain’t as easy for everyone else, because Seung-hoon makes them do it over and over again. Even I find it incredibly irritating every time he says, “Again!” He does it the most with Ji-hyuk, finally telling him to come back when he actually wants to sing the song right. *clenches fists*

We also find out why Hyun-soo’s been doing so many more projects than the others: his sister needs surgery. Awwwww, I love these siblings!

Ha-jin’s crush on Ye-rim has grown unbelievably, and he even drags Kyung-jong along with him just to visit her. While Ha-jin’s gone, Kyung-jong asks Ye-rim if the reason she always asks about Hyun-soo is because she likes him, she pretty much confirms it, though more because she only gives a vague answer that is totally obvious. Ha-jin gets berated for always being around Ye-rim, which could cause a scandal. It’s enough to send them scurrying.

Ji-hyuk finally gets around to seeing Su-ah, and their adorableness is off the charts. But when some people recognize him, she keeps her distance, not wanting to start any rumors. *sigh* Ji-hyuk, when will you fess up to the rest of the band? *sigh*

But, of course, bad stuff’s gonna happen, ‘cuz two schoolgirls manage to take a picture of them leaving his rooftop room together. Uh oh…

Another couple that I want to happen, but won’t until Ji-hyuk fesses up (that’s my guess, anyways), is that of Do-il and Woo-kyung. But she’s still got a crush on him, and he can’t tell her his feelings because of it. It’s enough to drives a person mad. Ji-hyuk’s dismissal of her is enough to get on Do-il’s nerves, and we FINALLY get an outburst out of him. Keep it coming, boy, and maybe she’ll notice you!

Kyung-jong approaches Hyun-soo about Ye-rim, asking if he likes her, to which he says no. And right now, I think that’s more or less the truth. He just doesn’t seem to care. I mean, every once in a while, like that one time in the practice room, he’ll show signs of something, but what, I’m not exactly sure.

Kyung-jong points out the Ye-rim is always asking about him, but Ha-jin seems genuinely sincere this time around. Things could get twisted. Hell yeah, they could, I’d say they already are. But Kyung-jong is satisfied with the answer, and leaves after patting Hyun-soo on the head. The cute. It is killing me.

So when Hae-ri calls Hyun-soo and Ye-rim, announcing that she wants him to do a duet with her, he turns her down flat, saying he has no interest in doing solo activities; the ones he’s been doing have been as a representative of Eye Candy. He’s got absolutely no interest in going solo. Phew! That’s a relief to hear. I’ve been a bit nervous about him going off on his own, because his ambitions are high, unlike his band-members. When alone, he tells Ye-rim not to tell Ha-jin she likes him, because he hates complications, and Ha-jin is sincere about her.

Of course, he might need that gig, considering how finances at home are going. A call from home puts him on edge: they need more money. So he’s already on edge when he gets together with the band. They want to boycott the recording, which means pushing back their payday. Not good for Hyun-soo. He pretty much blows up. Ji-hyuk follows him when he storms out, but Hyun-soo snaps at him to start acting like a leader and think a bit more.

I do believe that gets to him, because next thing we know, he’s in the studio, gritting his teeth every time Seung-hoon calls, “Again!” until Seung-hoon is finally satisfied.

Su-ah comes to the studio, having been called by Seung-hoon, and when Ji-hyuk sees them together, he gets pissed and stalks out after some harsh words. Su-ah follows him out and turns it on him. He tells her to be clear about their relationship. Has he told anyone that they’re dating? Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. It’s about TIME someone kicked him in the pants to fess up. He tells her he’ll tell the boys, so she should stop hanging out with Seung-hoon. Good. Now keep your word, buddy.

So now that the single has been recorded, it’s press conference time. There are some worries about rumors, mostly of Do-il’s dad being a mob boss. But they have nothing to worry about in that area, because the MC deflects all questions about the issue.

Then a reporter asks Ji-hyuk if he has a girlfriend. He tries to wiggle out of answering, but the reporter shows a picture of him and Su-ah leaving his place, asking if they’re living together.

Oh crap. This is NOT good. Why couldn’t this have come up AFTER he’d told the gang that he and Su-ah are dating? Grar!

He takes the mic to answer…

And the episode ends.

Wow. You really are playing with me, aren’t you, Show? Are you TRYING to drive me crazy? Well, I’m already there.

I’m extremely worried for the next episode, for a lot of reasons. The repercussions of dating Su-ah, and the scandal that will most likely take place because of it, is going to screw everything up. Can’t we get through one episode without anything bad happening?

I guess I’ll have to settle with the awesome song we got out of this episode. I seriously can’t get enough of this song. Something about it gets me right there…

Myung-wol The Spy [Ep. 1-13]


Okay. I was originally going to watch this whole series and then do a series review on it.

Well that plan flew out the window.


I’m 13 episodes in (of 18 total) and this show is going to drive me nuts, I swear. What was once a cute little romcom made a huge u-turn and dipped it’s toe into the deep abyss called drama. And I’m going insane because of it.

Is this a good thing?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m scared about what will happen next, but I’m desperate to know, at the same time. I suppose this is a good thing…

The main reason I watched this show was because it looked so light and fluffy and it would be my break from all the melodramas I’m watching. Little did I know it would become one of those dramas I was trying to escape. GRAR!!!! I’m going to be bald by the end of this series if things keep up.

In hindsight, the plot is brilliant. The screenwriter is a genius, I say. You gotta call the guy (or girl… I honestly don’t know) a genius. It;s got the romantic aspects that a cute romcom would have, and then twists those aspects to make it a melodrama. I’d better get my happy, sweet, romcom ending, for all the angst you’re putting me through, Show!

I suppose I should briefly summarize the plot. And to be honest, the plot sounds kinda stupid and silly. Hence why the dramatic turn took me so much by surprise. Though, I really should have expected it. It was bound to be complicated.

…I’m stalling. Here goes nothing.

Han Myung-wol is a North Korean spy who is sent to the South along with Choi Ryu to kidnap Kang Woo, one of the top Hallyu stars, in order to disrupt the Hallyu Wave that is leaking into the North. Things get more complicated when she’s ordered instead to marry him and bring him to the North willingly. However, things start to go awry as she starts to fall in love with him for real.

The whole premise is silly, really, and I got so many laughs from it. But it gets really dark the farther in I go. It’s scary, really. I kinda should have expected it, because her web of lies was bond to catch up with her, and they would be so tangled up that they would be impossible to untangle cleanly, or without cutting them. *sigh* Which seems to be the only solution right about now. Cut all ties and run away into hiding.

I dread the future. That’s all I can say.

Spy MyeongWol-p1.jpg