Shut Up: Flower Boy Band [Ep. 14]

I jinxed myself, didn’t I? I asked for things to get better. I begged the show to not break my heart even more. I jinxed myself. Because things not only got worse, they got worse. Why does this show hurt so much to watch?

So Hyun-soo debuts as a solo artist, and it seems he’s a huge hit, especially after doing the duet with Ye-rim.

The rest of the band keep tabs on him via TV, especially Ha-jin, who’s especially pissed at Hyun-soo’s betrayal. Ji-hyuk… don’t you think you should, y’know, tell Ha-jin the reason? But nooooooo. He decides to be a noble idiot, and keeps Do-jin from saying anything too. Y’know, if you just said something, things would work out easier. *sigh* Boys.

Things get worse when Kyung-jong’s mom bursts in later that night demanding that he pack up and go home to Busan. Crap. He refuses to go, and his declaration make tear-inducing.

Kyung-jong: “I’m not going! You don’t know anything about my friends, so don’t talk about them that way! No matter what anyone says, they’re really good guys. Even if I die, I’m gonna die with them, so you can go back down by yourself, or do what you want! I love playing music with my band. If I go too, what will the band do? Even if you beat me till I die, I won’t go. I’m sorry Mom.”

Awwwwwww! I lub you! *huggles*

After Hyun-soo’s “betrayal” this is particularly heart-warming to hear, especially for Ha-jin. But Mom leaves, threatening to bring Daddy in next time as back-up.

Ji-hyuk broods in the basement studio, and this image is so telling. He holds Byung-hee’s guitar for dear life. After Kyung-jong’s declaration of loyalty, he’s even more conflicted. He wants so much to keep the band going, but things just aren’t going well.

Things are icy at school. They’re shunned (again).

It’s even worse when Hyun-soo comes to school. Ha-jin is outright hostile to him, while Kyung-jong tries to be more understanding, even asking him to visit. Hyun-soo looks to Ji-hyuk, who can’t even meet his eyes. Is that hope I see in Hyun-soo’s eyes? If you still have some hope in Ji-hyuk, I will love you forever. But Ji-hyuk only walks past him after meeting his eyes for the briefest of seconds. Do-il can only tell Hyun-soo not to be disappointed in him.

HINT! HINT HINT HINT! There’s something you don’t know! Pick up the underlying signals Do-il is giving you, dammit!

But Hyun-soo just says it was pathetic of him to put trust in Ji-hyuk as a leader. Ouuuuuuch.

Do-il just says to not say anything he’ll regret later. Hyun-soo FINALLY picks up the hint and questions further, but Do-il remains frustratingly vague, waving it off. Arrrrrg not you too Do-il! Just because Ji-hyuk is being a noble idiot doesn’t mean you should too! *grinds teeth*

Our first sense of foreboding comes when Ji-hyuk texts Su-ah to meet him at the river later that night. Craaaaaap. Everyone knows that meeting at the river spells bad news. It’s always the river.

Another cute little scene between Ye-rim and Hyun-soo. If I wasn’t still irked over Ha-jin’s imminent heartbreak, I might have felt a little more passion for this couple. But now I’m having a hard time seeing Ye-rim in a good light. But still, it’s a cute scene. When she eavesdrops on his conversation on the phone, commenting on it, he acts all put-out and annoyed, but we all see the smile on his face. Then, when she gives him hand cream, he scoffs that he’s not a girl, but once again, he’s smiling.

*sigh* I still can’t decide if I like this couple pairing.

And wudduyano. During an interview, Ye-rim states outright that her ideal type is Hyun-soo, and he replies the same (though he tags on “But just as a duet partner”). And Ha-jin is watching this with Kyung-jong. I guess it finally sinks in, and he starts crying, and Kyung-jong just awkwardly pats him on the back, not knowing what else to do.

*wails* Am I the only one crying here? But at the same time I’m smiling because of the Kyung-jong adorableness. Show, stop confusing my feelings!


Okay. I think I’ve made up my mind. I can’t accept Ye-rim and Hyun-soo as a couple. I’ve developed a bad case of SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). Well, maybe that doesn’t describe it well enough. ‘Cuz I love Hyun-soo. To death. It’s Ye-rim I have a problem with. I don’t think she deserves either of them. Yeah, I know she’s sweet an’ all, but she broke poor Ha-jin’s heart! Especially since this is the first time he’s ever been serious about a girl. Show, if you plan on pursuing this coupling, you’d better give me some damn good reasons to start liking it (besides the fact that we get to see really cute smiles from Hyun-soo).

Our other love triangle is faring just as bad, it seems. Ji-hyuk meets with Seung-hoon to tell him to take care of Su-ah, since he’s breaking up with her. He shoots back something Seung-hoon said to him earlier, to not make her lonely. I knew it. Foreboding.

So when Ji-hyuk and Su-ah meet at the river, and they both know that it’s their break-up. Su-ah was told by Evil Wit- errrr… Hae-ri that it would be best if they broke up, and Ji-hyuk has to give her up for the sake of the band. So they light fireworks, say their last goodbyes, and break up. I’m so glad both parties know the reason for the break-up, and there’s no noble idiocy happening.

Fresh from the break-up, Ji-hyuk is like a madman when he gets back to the dorm, insisting on practice, though it doesn’t last very long when Hyun-soo is mentioned. Ha-jin storms out and Kyung-jong follows. Do-il just says that it would be better if they quit, if they’re making music for work, and not enjoying it.

Do-il, you idiot. That’s the worst possible thing you could say to Ji-hyuk. He broke up for you guys. Don’t go quitting on him now, d’ya hear?

Next thing we know, Do-il is being hauled out of the dorm by two thugs sent by his mobster dad. He ends up at the pool hall, which is where Woo-kyung finds him, fresh full of bruises from the beating his dad gave him. She worries over him until he finally shuts her up by kissing her.

THANK YOU! About TIME you did SOMETHING to show your feelings! Girl, if you don’t realize that there might just be someone for you better than Ji-hyuk, say, Do-il, then you’re either the dumbest person on earth, or you can’t see past your obsession of Ji-hyuk, who is obviously taken. Wait. I take that back. Hes no longer taken. But nobody knows that yet.

Back at the dorm, he tells Ji-hyuk that Dad’s forcing him to quit the band or else. To top it off, Kyung-jong comes in with the news that he’ll have to go back to Busan for a bit. Noooo!

But Ji-hyuk is still raw from that break-up, and asks heatedly if it’s over. He’s now beyond reasoning, so even though the three are saying no, he finally explodes, saying they should quit.



Absolutely no.

Did you really just say that? No. I refuse to accept that. You freakin’ broke up with Su-ah for them, and now you’re ending it? That’s just cruel. And why the freak are YOU ending it?!

At their next meeting with Hae-ri, their break-up is made official. T___T *wails*

The news hits Hyun-soo hard, who dials Ji-hyuk’s number a bajillion times before chickening out. Just do it! I would absolutely love this show if he ended up being the one bringing everyone back together.

As the boys leave their dorm, we get treated to a flashback of happy memories. Please, can we go back to those happy times and forget this ever happened? Please? Pretty please?

And then… The most beautiful scene, yet heartrending and terrible.

As soon as he gets back to his rooftop room, he takes his old guitar outside, pours gasoline on it, and sets it on fire.


How can such a beautiful scene be so cruel? By burning that guitar, it signifies that he’s given up on everything. That guitar meant everything to him.

With two more episodes to go, and who knows what heartbreak to come, I’m scared. I really hope this wraps up well. Because I will be furious if we don’t get our happy endings.