Missing You [Ep. 1]

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This show gives me sooooo many feels, it’s ridiculous.

I knew going into this drama I would be in for a lot of tears and heartbreak. That was the whole premise of the show. I mean, what else can you expect with a title like “Missing You” (also called “I Miss You”)?

Didn’t help that I had second lead syndrome before it even started airing. Because who should be our second lead, but Yoo Seung-ho? *le sigh* now, the thing about Lee Seung-ho, is that I m heavily biased when it comes to him. I love him as an actor, and sure doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes. So when he comes around playing the bad guy, or just the second lead, I can’t help but be torn.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Let’s first look at ALL the actors in this drama, starting with the younger counterparts.

First up is Kim So-hyun playing the younger version of Lee Soo-yeon. I know this actress from only two shows, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Ma Boy. She played veeeeeery different characters in both. In Moon/Sun, she was the younger counterpart of the evil queen lady. And she did quite a good job of it. I mean, all the actors playing the younger versions did an excellent job. Kim So-hyun is not excluded. In Ma Boy, she was a spunky high-schooler. I loved that drama, though it was a bit sad that it was only three episodes long. I would have liked to see more of her perky, happy face. Because apparently she was the young version of the baddy in Rooftop Prince (which I really do need to see). So I really wanted to see her in a happier role, as the protagonist. Well, I got one and a half of two wishes with this drama. She’s the protagonist in this one, but she’s not necessarily very happy. She has a cruel life, being the daughter of ¬†murderer. But we do get to see some happy moments when she’s with Han Jung-woo. So that’s why I say I got half of that wish. But really, I want to see this girl in something happy (that has more than just three episodes).

Next up is Yeo Jin-goo, playing the younger version of Han Jung-woo. What a coincidence that he was also in Moon/Sun, and one of those excellent child actors I was mentioning previously. But, my, has he grown. He was quite short and small in Moon/Sun, but here, he’s grown up quite a lot. Hit a growth spurt, I guess. Well, when you’re 15 years old, that tends to happen. In Moon/Sun he was the crown prince (who’s adult counterpart become king), and he played opposite Kim So-hyun. Only in that case, they were at each other’s throats, whereas here, they play a cute, adorable couple. It’s a nice switch. And man, do these kids look adorable together. Han Jung-woo is the son of some rich businessman, who is very obviously corrupt (well, it sure looks like it, anyways). He falls in love with Soo-yeon, and things get complicated, and in the end is kicked out of the house for rebelling (though not for the standard reasons most are).

But seriously, they look adorable together.

Next up is our leading lady. Yoon Eun-hye plays the adult version of Lee Soo-yeon, who became a fashion designer. Now, I love Yoon Eun-hye. The lady’s talented. And apparently this is her first ever melodrama, so I’m rooting her on. It’s nice when actors try to brnch out and try new genres. So I’m curious to see how she handles the role.

Park Yoochun stars as our leading man, the adult version of Han Jung-woo, who is now a homicide detective. Now, I know absolutely nothing about this guy. I mean, I know he’s part of the kpop band JYJ (though he originally debuted in TVXQ), but I honestly didn’t know he acted. And I’m not overly interested in him, really. Maybe that’s part of the reason I have such a serious case of second lead syndrome; I’m finding it hard to like our leading man. But I’ve heard lots of good things about his acting, so I’m staying optimistic. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up falling in love with him. It’s happened before.

And then… we have… Yoo Seung-ho. Ugh. It’s his fault I’m going to be crying so much in this drama. Because we all know he won’t get the girl. He’s a second lead; they never do (except it extremely rare cases… so rare, that I still have yet to see one that does). So, Yoo Seung-ho plays Kang Hyung-joon, who is apparently (if I’m not mistaken) Jung-woo’s uncle. The family ties are very weird, and I’m still trying to untangle them. At first, I thought he was Jung-woo’s half-brother, but now I’m having doubts. From what I’ve gotten so far from watching the first few episodes, his mom married Jung-woo’s grandfather, but Jung-woo’s father hated her, so when the old man, died, he pretty much destroyed their life, believing that she was a gold-digger. And it’s a plausible theory; she looked like she was his age (the father’s, that is). That’s also kind of disgusting. What’s even weirder is that I’m pretty sure Hyung-joon was born after Jung-woo, which means he’s younger than his nephew. That’s just… really weird. I’m having a hard time seeing Seung-ho as Yoochung’s uncle. I mean Yoochun is 26, and Seung-ho is 19. See the problem here? Granted, knowing his skill as an actor, Seung-ho can probably pull it off. That’s not to say I won’t be weirded out every time I stop to think about who the actors are. Now, Wikipedia gave a small description about who Hyung-joon turned out to be, and it’s got me in tears again, not because it’s so sad, but because it pretty much confirms him as a baddy. It describes him as “a psychopathic murderer and fund manager who wants to take revenge on Han Jung-woo.” Baddy it is. I’ve never seen Seung-ho play a baddy role before. He was apparently one in Warrior Baek Dong-soo, but I haven’t seen that drama yet. I’ve seen him in numerous other dramas, and he’s not new to playing adult characters. So I’m expecting a lot out of him (besides tears and heartbreak, of course).

The first episode was quite heavy. I was actually surprised. Normally the first episode is something light, a little happier, and sucks the audience in, forcing them to stay aboard until the end. I wouldn’t expect it to be such a downer. We meet our characters when they’re 15 years old. Lee Soo-yeon is getting the crap beaten out of her by her father, before he’s arrested for murder. Han Jung-woo, on the other hand, is in America, playing football (the American kind, not soccer). He ends up back in Seoul to see his father who, unbeknownst to him, was serving time in prison for the last 6 months, and has just been released. That’s where Jung-woo sees Soo-yeon for the first time, who’s waiting for her father to be executed for murder. Jung-woo’s father, Han Tae-joon, is a cold and gruff person, not looking at all happy to see his son.


We see for a brief moment Kang Hung-joon’s mom being threatened and taken away by Dad, though they’re still looking for the boy, who they apparently believe has the money his mom apparently stole. That’s a lot of apparentlys in one sentence. =/ But we see the boy running, or rather, limping, away. Seems the dogs got to his leg, rendering it practically useless. This scene just leaves me with the impression that Dad’s a dick and Hyung-joon’s to be pitied and sided with. I think only one of those statements will be true in the future. You can decide which.

It’s later on at night when Jung-woo comes cross Soo-yeon again, who’s ecstatic that someone is actually talking to her and being friendly. Why? Because everyone in the neighborhood hates her for being a murderer’s daughter. She’s shunned at school ‘cuz of it, too. Pretty much, her life’s ruined. But Jung-woo doesn’t know that.

Or, at least he doesn’t until he finds out at school (he transferred in to Soo-yeon’s school). And then, he becomes one of the people scared of her. It just broke my heart when he stepped back in fear when she tried to approach him. And then her look of disappointment, mixed with understanding, arg, it just kills me.


After some brooding time, Jung-woo finally makes a decision and goes to find Soo-yeon, only to find her being harrassed by some ajummas, one of them the mother of the child Soo-yeon’s father killed. When she sees Jung-woo, she runs away in shame, and he takes off after her, finding her at the playground where they first met. There, he says they’ll be friends.

And that ends the first episode. It was such a downer of an episode. It caught me, that’s for sure, but it also told me exactly what to expect in the next 19 episodes to come. It also made me hope that we’d get some more happiness and cute adorableness, because, while there was some in this episode, it could have used a LOT more.