A Fresh Start, A New Country

Okay. So here goes nothing.

I’m taking a new step in my life, and I’m moving to a new country. One guess as to where that is. If you guessed South Korea, then you’re right! I recently got a scholarship to study at a university there, so I’ll be there for (hopefully) the next couple of years. This is really exciting for me, as well as quite intimidating, since I’m pretty much uprooting my life in my lovely hometown in California, where I’ve spent pretty much my entire life living with my parents. Granted, I did leave for a year for Europe, but I came back into the nest when that was over; nothing had really changed. So I’m finally, as a 20 year old, leaving the nest, as my parents have often called it. It’s a bit late of a start, but it’s happening.

I decided that, since I’ll be living in the homeland of Korean dramas, movies, and, of course, kpop, that perhaps I should expand a bit more with what I write. Up until now, I’ve written reviews, recaps, etc., and I have enjoyed that. But I feel that I should do something more. So I’ve decided to blog my experience in Korea. I’m going to buy a camera when I get to Korea, and take lots of pictures to post here, since a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, I’ll still keep doing my reviews, since I have so much fun doing them. Speaking of which, I really need to get on that. my list is getting larger every week. Oh dear.

I also have changed the name of my blog. So what used to be known as “Rants of the Obsessed” is now known as “The Duchess’s Journal”. Sounds a bit more sophisticated, ne? I still can’t believe how childish the last name sounded… *shakes head in dismay*

Aaaanyways! So that’s my plan. Now, to finish packing. I leave for the airport bright and early tomorrow morning to catch my flight. And then I’m off!

That’s all for now!