Kpop Corner

Welcome to my new section! I’ve been wanting to do something new here for a while, and then it struck me. I’ve slowly (okay, not so slowly) been sucked into the kpop world, drowning in music that I find amazing. So I thought, “Hey, why not review songs and music videos?” I mean, there are some pretty cool songs out there with some pretty cool (albeit confusing) music videos.

So now here I am with a new corner. In this corner, I’ll take some MVs that struck me and review them. Sometimes I’ll go through the plot of the video, if one exists; other times I’ll just rant about a song.

However, I think it’s misleading to say that this is a MV corner, because I won’t just review songs with MVs. There are a whole lot more kpop songs out there without an MV that I fell in love with and deserve to be talked about. Yes, I see a lot of people reviewing kpop songs, but most of the time it’s just songs with MVs. A little lack of love, don’t you think? Errrr… I’m ranting again. XD

Okay, the point. This corner is dedicated to kpop. I will review any song that I take a fancy to. And perhaps, if anyone actually ever reads this, they could suggest songs they like. Sharing is caring, right? =D

B.A.P – One Shot

BoA – Eat You Up

Boyfriend – Janus

Dynamic Black – Yesterday

EXO – Mama

Infinite – Before the Dawn (BTD)

Kim Sungkyu – 41 Days

Kim Yerim – Circus

Park Ji Yoon – Tree Of Life

Sung Joon – Wake Up

Super Junior – Daydream

Taeyang – Wedding Dress

U-KISS – Neverland

U-KISS – Stop Girl


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